Abilities in Final Fantasy 7 Remake are various special moves that are used in battle. Each playable character will have different Abilities that can be equipped or obtained, in the remake, Abilities are found and linked with a weapon or materia, if a certain weapon or materia that has a skill is equipped by a certain character, the skill can be executed in battle. However, players will need to fill up the ATB gauge in order to use a skill, on the other hand, Abilities can be improved through repeated use which fills up the proficiency gauge, once it is full, the skill becomes available at any given time, even when the weapon that has the skill is no longer equipped. This page covers a list of all the Abilities that can be obtained or unlocked in the game

Final Fantasy VII Remake Abilities

Skill Name



ATB Cost

Proficiency Bonus

Cloud Strife N/A 1 n/a
Focused Thrust
Cloud Strife Buster Sword 1 n/a
Triple Slash
Cloud Strife Iron Blade 1 Strike three or more enemies.
Infinity's End
Cloud Strife Hardedge 2 Strike a staggered enemy
Blade Burst
Cloud Strife Mythril Saber 1 Finish off an enemy
Cloud Strife Nail Bat 1 Strike with Attack or Strong Attack after switching modes.
Cloud Strife Twin Stinger 1 Unleash a counterattack.
Barret Wallace N/A 1 ---
Focused Shot
Barret Wallace Gatling Gun All Stagger an enemy.
Barret Wallace Light Machine Gun 1 Restore an ally's HP (one time only during activation).
Maximum Fury
Barret Wallace Big Bertha All Finish off an enemy
Charging Uppercut
Barret Wallace Steel Pincers 1 Top up energy reserve
Point Blank
Barret Wallace EKG Cannon All Finish off an Enemy
Barret Wallace Wrecking Ball 1 Strike Three or more enemies
Unbridled Strength
Tifa Lockhart n/a 1 n/a
Tifa Lockhart Leather Gloves 1 Finish off an enemy.
Tifa Lockhart Metal Knuckles 1 Follow up with a basic attack combo after using the weapon ability.
Focused Strike
Tifa Lockhart Sonic Strikers 1 Stagger an enemy.
Tifa Lockhart Feathered Gloves 1 Follow up whit offensive ability or magic after using the weapon ability.
True Strike
Tifa Lockhart Purple Pain 1 Strike a staggered enemy.
Chi Trap
Tifa Lockhart Mythril Claws 1 Strike an enemy.
Fleeting Familiar
Aerith Gainsborough Arcane Scepter 1 Unleash a consecutive attack of an ability or spell (one time only during activation).
Ray of Judgment
Aerith Gainsborough Mythril Rod 2 Strike a staggered enemy.
Lustrous Shield
Aerith Gainsborough Bladed Staff 1 Strike an enemy (one time only during activation)
Arcane Ward
Aerith Gainsborough Guard Stick ? Conjure a ward (one time only during activation).
Sorcerous Storm
Aerith Gainsborough Silver Staff 1 Strike three or more enemies.
ATB Ward
Aerith Gainsborough Reinforced Staff 2 Conjure a ward (one time only during activation)
Any character Prayer Materia 2 n/a
Any character Assess Materia 1 n/a
Any character Steal Materia 1 n/a
Any character Chakra Materia 1 n/a
Elemental Ninjutsu
Yuffie Kisaragi 4-Point Shuriken -- Exploit an enemy's weakness with an elemental ninjusu attack.
Cactuar Caper
Yuffie Kisaragi Cacstar -- Strike three or more enemies.
Brumal Form
Yuffie Kisaragi Boomerang -- Evade an enemy attack.
Yuffie Kisaragi Steel Reaper -- Strike an enemy with maximum strength while this ability is at Lv III. 
Swirling Storm
Sonon Kusakabe Marshalist's Staff -- Finish off an enemy.
Fighting Spirit
Sonon Kusakabe Indurate Staff -- Finish off an enemy while this ability is active.
Sonon Kusakabe Djinn Staff -- Draw an anemy's attention for three attacks while this ability is active. 

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