Chi Trap

ATB Cost 1
Abiility Type Weapon
Character Tifa Lockhart
Effect Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.

Chi Trap is an Ability in Final Fantasy VII Remake, exclusively used by Tifa Lockhart. In the remake, skills are found and linked with a Weapon or Materia, if a certain weapon or materia that has a skill is equipped by a certain character, the skill can be executed in battle and uses a certain number of the ATB charge to be triggered.


Chi Trap Information

  • ATB Cost: 1
  • Ability Type: Weapon
  • Interrupt Strength: 50
  • Interrupt Defense: 40
  • Ability Damage Type: Magic
  • Ability Power: 300 (30 per hit)
  • Ability Stagger Rate: 10 (1 per hit)
  • Ability Pressure Rate: 20 (2 per hit)
  • Related Character: Tifa Lockhart
  • Proficiency Bonus: Strike an enemy with the Mythril Claws.
  • Effect: Create an orb of materialized chi that deals damage on contact.


How to Get Chi Trap

  • This ability is learned from Tifa's Mythril Claws.
  • Chi Trap's proficiency is quickly raised by striking any enemy with it.
  • When Chi Trap's proficiency reaches 100%, it will become permanently available to Tifa without the need to equip the Mythril Claws.


Chi Trap Notes & Tips

  • Multiple chi orbs can be placed at a time.
  • Chi Trap pulls smaller enemies into its field, which makes it ideal for crowd control.
  • Placing a Chi Trap under an enemy that has been launched into the air will juggle it until the attack finishes.
  • The chi orb remains stationary when deployed. It should be used mostly to exploit space and enemy positioning, and will not work as well on moving enemies.
  • Chi Trap deals non-elemental magic damage, meaning it draws from Tifa's Magic Attack stat. This makes it extremely effective against enemies with low magic resistance, like Sentry Launchers.
  • Players will need to fill up the ATB gauge in order to use a skill, on the other hand, skills can be improved through repeated use which fills up the proficiency gauge, once it is full, the skill becomes available at any given time, even when the weapon that has the skill is no longer equipped.


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