Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake is an item that is augmented to the playable character's equipment such as their Weapon and Armor. Materia allows the user to cast a variety of Spells, conjure powerful Summons, grants new commands/abilities, and further boost the Stats by providing buffs and different effects, this is an integral mechanic of the game since it gives players the option to experiment when it comes to customizing and fitting it to their play style. This page covers a list of all the Materia that can be acquired.

What is Materia?

Materia is a crystallized Mako that calls upon the Lifestream to manipulate elements in the form of Magic (Spells). Not only can it conjure magic, but it also enhances the user's abilities. According to researchers and professors studying the effects of a Materia, a shock triggered by the user's mind waves is required in order to use a Materia, as a result, further weakens the mind of the user. The level of a Materia can be increased to further unlock its true potential and to learn new abilities.


Augmenting Materia

Materia can be slotted into the materia slot of a character's weapon or armor, when it is slotted, the wearer can use the Materia's power. Materia can grant the user various effects and commands such as casting Spells, conjuring Summons, increasing stats, and add buffs and effects. Different types of Materia can be linked together which can further help players win their fights.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Materia

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