Tifa Lockhart

Role Close-Range, DPS
Weapons Knuckles

Tifa Lockhart is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Tifa specializes in martial arts and focuses in close-range combat, she is capable of delivering fast and strong blows that can inflict devastating damage against her foes. In the remake, players can now switch to different characters depending on the battle situation. Players can also stick with the same character and issue orders to party allies.


I know we have to think big if we're going to make a difference... But not like this.


Tifa Lockhart Information

A loyal member of Avalanche─an underground organization opposed to Shinra─Tifa also runs Seventh Heaven, a popular bar in the Sector 7 slums. Although she bears a terrible grudge towards Shinra, she is not convinced that bombing mako reactors is the solution. As she struggled to reconcile her cause with her conscience, Tifa was reunited with her childhood friend, Cloud, for the first time in years...

Early Life

Tifa Lockhart was born in Nibelheim alongside Cloud and she was also his next-door neighbor. Tifa's personality helped her gain many friends in the village but somehow she wasn't close to Cloud. At the age of eight, Tifa's mother died and left her furious and confused with what happened. Tifa believed that her mother went to Mt. Nibel and that she could meet her again if she was able to cross the mountain.


She then insisted on Cloud to join her, and he did follow her so that he could protect her. However, during their expedition, Tifa missed a step and the two fell off a bridge while Cloud tried to catch her. Cloud was able to seek help from the village to save Tifa, but the villagers and her father, later on, put the blame on Cloud for the accident and that it was his idea for climbing the mountain.


Five years later, Cloud decided to leave the town and join SOLDIER, hoping to follow Sephiroth's footsteps. But before leaving, he called out Tifa to meet at their local spot so that he could tell her about his plans and to impress her. Tifa then asked Cloud for a promise to find her and save her if ever she is in trouble. When Cloud left, Tifa would always read the newspaper to check for any article that mentions him or she would ask a Shinra employee who would visit the town and asks if they know about him. Before she moved to Midgar and the Nibelheim incident, Tifa worked as a Tour-guide in Mt. Nibel and took up Martial Arts lessons from a residential martial arts master of Nibelheim named Zangan.



Tifa Lockhart Unique Ability

  • Bash
    • ???



Tifa Lockhart Skills

  • ???
  • ???



Tifa Lockhart Limit Break



Tifa Lockhart Notes & Tips

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