Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

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Name Final Fantasy VII Rebirth
Release Date Winter 2023
Genre Action Role-Playing
Platforms PlayStation®5
Price TBC
Developer Square Enix
Publisher Square Enix

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth or Final Fantasy VII Rebirth (Remake Part 2) is the second title to the critically acclaimed action RPG, Final Fantasy 7 Remake. It continues the retelling of the RPG classic that is developed and published by Square Enix and it is set to release in Winter of 2023 for PlayStation®5 - it was revealed during the Final Fantasy VII 25th Anniversary Celebration that the Final Fantasy VII Remake is a Three-Part Trilogy.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Story Overview

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a sequel and the second title of Final Fantasy VII Remake's Three-Part Trilogy. Final Fantasy VII Rebirth follows Cloud Strife and his party as they venture out of Midgar and into the vast world. The unknown journey will continue in Final Fantasy VII Rebith and it will feature moments of the past where we will have a chance of understanding Sephiroth and his agenda of reclaiming his birthright, as well as to rule over the planet with Jenova at his side.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Game Features

  • Battle System: Assess your enemies' strengths and weaknesses, and employ powerful magic and special abilities to fight effectively─such is the guiding principle of this unique system, a mix of traditional command-based FINAL FANTASY combat and real-time action, giving you the power to choose how you play. As you build ATB charges in combat, you will be able to perform stronger attacks, cast magic, use items, and execute other battle commands.


  • Tactical Mode: When accessing your commands menu in battle, time slows down dramatically, giving you the freedom to develop and carry out a plan of attack. Take this opportunity to use your ATB charges to employ a variety of abilities, magic, items, and limit breaks. Adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies, and take control of the tide of battle.


  • Shortcuts: Commands can be mapped to button shortcuts, enabling you to execute them in battle instantly, without having to access your commands menu. Employ your favorite abilities quickly and effortlessly so you can stay in the thick of the action.


  • Stagger: As an enemy sustains damage during battle, the focus gauge below their HP bar will gradually fill up. When this bar is maxed out, the enemy will become staggered for a short time. During this period, it will not only be unable to act, but it will also receive additional damage when attacked.


  • Ally Commands: You can take full control of other party members during battle with the press of a button, and you can also instruct them to carry out certain actions by using the L2/R2 buttons to access their command menus in Tactical Mode.


  • Limit Breaks: As you take damage over the course of a battle, your limit gauge will gradually fill, eventually enabling you to execute powerful abilities unique to each character.


  • Materia: By attaching materia to your weapons and armor, you can gain new abilities and customize your characters further. Countless types exist, from those that bestow magical spells to versatile actions, as well as some which enable you to summon powerful beings to aid you in battle. Moreover, some items have linked materia slots, which allow certain materia to interact with each other and produce unique and surprising effects.


  • Summons: When equipped, summoning materia adds an additional gauge that, when filled, grants you the ability to call forth otherworldly entities to fight alongside you for a limited time. These summoned beings possess a will of their own and will engage enemies independently, culminating in a devastating attack they execute before departing the battlefield.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth New Content

New Characters

  • Check back soon for list of new characters in Final Fatnasy VII Rebirth.


New Summons

  • Check back soon for list of new summons in Final Fatnasy VII Rebirth.


New Combat Features

  • Check back soon for list of new combat features and mechanics in Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.


Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Gallery

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