Steal Materia

Type Command Materia
Grants Allows you to use Steal.

Steal Materia is a Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Steal Materia grants the user to execute the battle command: Steal. Materia is a type of equipment that can be slotted into Weapons and Armor and provide Spells or Bonuses that Characters can use.


Steal Materia Information

  • Steal Materia Progression:


How to acquire Steal Materia


Steal Materia Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Currently in aerith village, was just got it after battle with shiva, Frustrated by how useless this skills are, 90% fail, monster seems to drop useless items too, the worse thing is there is more useful materia to equip and upgrade Someone seriously need to make a guide to "what to steal"

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