Key Items in Final Fantasy VII Remake is an item category. Key Items are items that are used to further progress the game's story as well as quests, key items are found in specific locations or are given by a related NPC. This page covers a list of all the Key Items in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.




Final Fantasy VII Remake Key Items




Moogle Medal
A medal with a moogle on it. A popular item among collectors Found inside Shinra Boxes.
Yellow Flower
Received from a woman peddling flowers in Sector B Sector 8 Business District
Combat Analyzer
A device that allows for the collection of battle intel.  Sector 7 Slums
Watch Security Key
A keycard required to unlock a door within the abandoned Talagger factory. Sector 7 Slums
Shinra Id Card
An identification card belonging to Jessie's father, an employee of the Shinra Electric Power Company. Sector 7 Employee Housing Area
Sam's Coin
A two-sided coin given by Chocobo Sam as consolation. Both sides are etched with an image of a chocobo. Wall Market
Grappling Gun
A firearm that discharges a grappling hook. Can be used to make a quick getaway. Sector 4 Plate Interior
Handmade Necklace
Proof that you've been accepted by the children of the Sector 5 slums as one of their own. Provides access to their secret hideout. Sector 5 Slums
Guardian Angel's Calling Cards
A bundle of calling cards belonging to the Guardian Angel. On one is written, " The Guardian Angel of the Slums will collect your offering on behalf of the poor" but the rest are blank. Sector 5 Slums
Moogle Membership Card
A member's card for the Moogle Emporium in Sector 5. Allows yo to trade moogle medals for items. The Moogle Emporium
Tournament Entry Form
A certificate required to participate in the colosseum tournaments Wall Market
Sam's Requests
A list of tasks to carry out for Sam

Wall Market

Madam M's Endorsement
A letter of approval certifying that one may audition to be Don Corneo's wife.

Wall Market

Andrea's Earrings
An accessory given to those who've proven they can get their groove on.

Honeybee Inn

Andrea's Endorsement
A letter of approval certifying that one may audition to be Don Corneo's wife.

Honeyee Inn

Corneo Vault Note

A note given by the guardian angel of the slums which indicates the locations of Corneo's secret stashes.

Merc, Here's some clues on where to find Corneo's secret stashes.

Steel Mountain in the Sector 5 Slums.
The former disposal area in the sewers
The caved-in tunnel on the collapsed expressway

Start sniffing around thos places. You might like what you find. Good Luck.
The Guardian Angel of the Slums"

Sector 5 Slums
Key to the Sewers
A key to the sewer gates found at the bottom of the channel. Sewer System
Gysahl Greens
A vegetable to feed the chocobos that ran off during the plate collapse. Sector 5 Slums
Doctor's List

A list of components needed for a remedy.

A moogle's mortar
A behemoth horn from the underground lab
Medicinal flowers from Aerith

Sector 5 Slums
Moogle's Mortar
A medical mortar that Moogie sometimes has in stock. The Moogle Emporium
Graveyard Key
Unlocks the gate of the Sector 5 slums' graveyard. The Moogle Emporium
Corneo Vault Key
A gaudy-looking key stolen by Kyrie. It unlocks the doors to Corneo's secret stashes. Sector 5 Slums
Medicinal Flowers
Flowers grown in the church that can be ground up and used in various medicines. Sector 5 Slums
Ruby Tiara
A valuable accessory that belongs to Corneo. Sector 5 Slums
Diamond Tiara
A valuable accessory that belongs to Corneo. Sewer System
Behemoth Horn
A piece of a behemoth horn that can be ground up and used in various medicines. Shinra Underground Test Site

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