Sonon Kusakabe

Role Mid to Close Range, Melee, Support
Weapons Combat Staves

Sonon Kusakabe is an NPC/Companion in Final Fantasy VII Remake Episode INTERmission Sonon is one of the characters featured in the new standalone episode, INTERmission. Sonon Kusakabe is a companion and non-playable character in the INTERmission episode, however, players can issue commands to him via the tactical menu. In the remake, players can now switch to different characters depending on the battle situation. Players can also stick with the same character and issue orders to party allies.


No, better not, after what they've done. You gotta assume Shinra's on their tail.


Sonon Kusakabe Information

Sonon trained under Yuffie's father and harbors a deep resentment for Shinra, following the devastation caused by the war between Shinra and Wutai. He has been assigned to work with Yuffie as she infiltrates Midgar - essentially making her his boss.

Early Life

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Sonon Kusakabe Unique Skill

Unique Skill Sonon Kusakabe

  • Unique Ability Description, Usage, Stats, etc.



Sonon Kusakabe Weapons

Combat Staves is a type of  Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and information about their stats is shown below. Combat Staves is a close and mid-range type of weapon that allows Sonon Kusakabe to poke and damage his enemies from a safe distance. He mainly uses it to crush the bones of his enemies and synergize his attacks with Yuffie Kisaragi.

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materia_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px magic_attack_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px magic_defense_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75px

Marshalist's Staff

Swirling Storm 2 64 43 0 0

Indurate Staff

Fighting Spirit 4 74 39 0 0

Djinn Staff

Incite 3 52 56 0 0



Sonon Kusakabe Abilities

  • Fighting Spirit: Finish off an enemy while this ability is active.
  • Incite: Draw an anemy's attention for three attacks while this ability is active. 



Sonon Kusakabe Limit Break



Sonon Kusakabe Notes & Tips

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