Status Effects in  Final Fantasy 7 Remake contains information on the various elemental effects and status ailments that can be inflicted against both Enemies or Characters. Status Effects are categorized in Beneficial Status Effects and Status Ailments. Beneficial Status Effects provide buffs or power ups to Characters while Status Ailments cause negative effects.

All Status Effects in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Beneficial Status Effects

Spells and Items can be used to apply beneficial status effects to party members.

  • regen_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpRegen: Gradually restores HP
  • barrier_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpBarrier: Reduces physical damage taken
  • manaward_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpManaward: Reduces magic damage taken
  • shied_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpShield: Nullifies physical damage taken
  • reflect_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpReflect: Reflects magic spells
  • hastle_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpHaste: Quickens the rate at which the ATB gauge fills
  • resist_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpResist: Prevents Status Ailments
  • auto-life_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_49pxAuto-Life: Revives target from incapacitation once during battle


Status Ailments

Enemies can afflict status ailments with spells and abilities. Use items such as antidotes or spells such as Esuna to remove them.

  • poison_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpPoison: Gradually saps HP
  • silence_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpSilence: Unable to cast spells
  • sleep_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpSleep: Unable to take any action
  • slow_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpSlow: Decreases the rate at which the ATB gauge fills
  • stop_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpStop: Unable to act
  • toad_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpToad: Greatly lowers battle capabilities
  • berserk_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpBerserk: Exchanges defense for strength (more damage is dealt and received)
  • fury_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpFury: Quickens limit break gauge charge, but takes more damage
  • sedate_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpSedate: Takes less damage, but slows limit break gauge charge


Many spells and abilities are infused with the four main elements: Fire with fire, Blizzard with ice, Thunder with lightning, and Aero with wind. Some enemies are weak against certain elements, so unleashing attacks infused with those elements will allow you to deal massive damage.

  • fire_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpFire
  • ice_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpIce
  • lightning_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpLightning
  • wind_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpWind

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