Combat for  Final Fantasy 7 Remake focuses on the basic and advanced combat mechanics of the game. Each character in the game has its unique style of combat and associated actions and commands that you can execute in battle. This page covers information regarding combat in general as well as individual mechanics for each character.

See Manual for more tips.


Combat in Final Fantasy VII Remake

Tactical Mode

When you are in combat, players can enter Tactical Mode. To do this press X during combat, this slows down time & allows you to choose your next move. Take your time to select your target, then choose which command you want to do such as using an ability, magic, or item.

Cloud's Basic Attack

Use Square to attack with Cloud's sword. Hold Square to unleash an attack capable of hitting multiple nearby enemies.

Barret's Strength

Holding down Square releases a sustained burst of automatic fire when equipping ranged weapons. Barret can fire from safe locations and hit enemies that Cloud cannot reach with his sword.

Charging the ATB Gauge

The ATB gauge fills as time passes and by attacking with square. Once a bar is full, your character can perform special actions. Charges can be used immediately or saved.

Using the ATB Gauge

You can expend ATB gauge charges to perform battle commands, such as using abilities, magic, or items. Press Circle and try using one of the commands.

Staggering Enemies

Hitting enemies with certain attacks or dealing large amounts of damage will temporarily knock them-off balance and "Pressured" will appear underneath their gauge.

When this happens, pelt them with spells and abilities to quickly fill their stagger gauge (under the enemy life bar). Once it is full, you can stagger them. The gauge fills faster depending on the abilities and magic used, as well as the foe's vulnerabilities. Find the most effective attack to quickly finish off each enemy.

Staggered Foes

Enemies who've been staggered are defenseless and take more damage. Using unique abilities on a staggered foe will quickly boost your ATB gauge. Boost your ATB gauge quickly so you can unleash more abilities and spells.

Limit Breaks

Taking damage and staggering enemies fills your limit gauge. When the gauge is full, you can use Limit Breaks, which are extremely powerful attacks. You do not need to spend ATB charges to use these attacks.

Unique Abilities

Every character has a unique ability, which you can activate by pressing Triangle.

Destroying Objects

If you find boxes with Shinra logo, press Square to smash them with your sword. They may contain useful items such as potions that restore HP or mako shards that restore MP.


Checking Data Out of Battle

When not in battle you can check the map, open menus, and view various kinds of information. Use the Options button to open the main menu. Press the Touchpad to access the map and check your various objectives.

Auto Actions

When the <!> icon appears, move your character close to it to automatically jump, crouch, or perform whatever other action is required.

Avoiding Attacks: Guarding & Evading

You can defend against enemy attacks by pressing R1 to guard or X to evade. A successful guard reduces the amount of damage suffered and also charges your ATB gauge.

Locking Onto Targets

You can press R3 to lock onto a specific target. Press R3 again to unlock. While locked onto a target, you can use R3 or the left/right directional buttons to switch between multiple targets.

Being Bound

Some enemies will occasionally bind your party members with unblockable attacks. If your character is bound and unable to act, quickly switch to a different character.

Watch your Health!

Be sure to use potions and healing spells to regenerate HP, because the game ends when all party members' HP reaches 0.


You can move around outside of battle more quickly by holding R1 or R2 to dash. Or you can press L3 once to keep dashing until you stop moving.

Switching Characters

You can switch to different characters depending on the battle situation. You can also stick with the same character and issue orders to party allies. Use Up/Down or Left/Right to switch characters. Use L2 or R2 to issue commands to allies.

Interacting with the World

Use Triangle to open chests or doors, or to talk to people. If you see the word "Hold", then you need to hold down Triangle rather than just pressing it.

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