Consumables in Final Fantasy VII Remake is an item category. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of battle, using a consumable item grants various effects such as restorative properties, elemental attacks, and temporary buffs to the characters, and debuffs against enemies. This page covers a list of all the Consumables in the game as well as its individual properties and relevant information.




Final Fantasy VII Remake Consumables




Restore Recovers 350 HP.
Restore Recovers 700 HP.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxMega Potion
Restore Recovers 1500 HP.
Restore Restores 20 MP.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxTurbo Ether
Restore Fully restores MP.
Restore Fully restores HP and MP.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxPhoenix Down
Restore Revives and restores a small amount of HP.
Restore Cures poison.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxMaiden's Kiss
Restore Removes toad-related curses.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxSmelling Salts
Restore Wakes someone up.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxEcho Mist
Restore Cures silence.
Restore Rouses one from a stupor.
Restore Quells one's fury.
Restore Cures all ailments.
Enhance Hastens whoever drinks it.
Offensive Deals 200 physical damage to enemies within range.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxHazardous Material
Offensive Poisons and deals 50 physical damage to enemies within range.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxBig Bomber
Offensive Deals 500 physical damage to enemies within range.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxOrb of Gravity
Offensive Reduce HP of enemies within range by 25%. Ineffective against powerful enemies
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxFuzzy Wuzzy
Offensive A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxMolotov Cocktail
Offensive Deals 90 fire damage to enemies within range multiple times.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxMr. Cuddlesworth
Offensive A cute stuffed animal. Also an explosive.
consumable_icon_final_fantasy_7_remake_wiki_guide_75pxAI Programming Core
Trade An airbuster AI chip. Can be sold for a large profit.

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