Limit Break in  Final Fantasy 7 Remake is a unique battle command, limit breaks are unique powerful attacks executed by the playable character in battle. Just like in the original, Limit Breaks can be activated by each specific character by using up the Limit Gauge after it builds up from damage taken from enemies. Limit Breaks vary for each character, some grant support or debuff techniques, some are direct attacks, while some apply random effects. This page covers a list of all the Limit Breaks that can be obtained in the game.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Limit Breaks

Limit Break



Cross-Slash Cloud Damage your foe while making ominous symbols with your slashes.
Ascension Cloud An all-new move that focuses on a single enemy to deliver several powerful strikes. This move significantly increases stagger.
Fire in the Hole Barret Wallace Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion.
Catastrophe Barret Wallace Marshal all your strength and channel it into a concentrated beam of energy. Significantly increases stagger.
Somersault Tifa Launch an enemy high into the air with a Zanga-style swift kick.
Dolphin Flurry Tifa Unleash an unrelenting stream of acrobatic attacks. Significantly increases stagger.
Healing Wind Aerith Restores the HP of all allies.
Planet's Protection Aerith Entreat the planet’s favor to nullify physical damage dealt to all party members.
Refocus Equip the Refocus Materia Partition your ATB gauge into three segments, allowing for faster charge accumulation.
Bloodbath Yuffie  
Dance of the Dragon Sonon  

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      I feel like this aspect is really broken. Only two things ever happen which is either 1. The battle ends without filling the limit break gauge or 2. I eventually get killed and STILL the limit break gauge isnt full after 5 minutes of healing. What's going on here?

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