Barret Wallace

Role Long-Range, Tank
Weapons Gun-Arms

Barret Wallace is a playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Barret uses Gun-Arms which allows him to continuously inflict damage against enemies that his allies cannot reach. In the remake, players can now switch to different characters depending on the battle situation. Players can also stick with the same character and issue orders to party allies.


Ya'll gotta look at the bigger picture here. Nothing worth fighting for was ever won without sacrifice.


Barret Wallace Information

The leader of an independent Avalanche cell in Midgar, Barret was disavowed by the old guard for his extreme methods that attracted too much attention. He subsequently came to Midgar, where he resolved to continue to pursue his vendetta against Shinra with a small but trusted group of followers. When not fighting against the corporation, he and his comrades serve in the neighborhood watch and keep the people safe─including his daughter Marlene , who he dotes on as a loving father.

Early Life

Barret Wallace was born and grew up in a small, coal-mining village that is surrounded by a forest called Corel. Over the years of living and working in the village, he married a woman named Myrna, who, unfortunately, suffered and died from an unknown illness. Due to the loss of his wife, Barret dedicated himself to become an advocate and helped Shinra in building a Mako Reactor located north of Corel - he convinced his childhood friend Dyne to work with him, who disagreed at first.

At some point, an original group of violent mercenaries who called themselves AVALANCHE broke into the reactor and claimed it. Barret then helped the Turks sneak into the facility to reclaim it. During the encounter, Shinra then decided to destroy the reactor as well as the village of Corel since they believed that it was the villagers of Corel who aided AVALANCHE in taking the reactor. Barret and Dyne then rushed back into town and were chased and gunned down by Shinra soldiers, during the chase, Dyne falls off a cliff and Barret rushed in to grab his hand - hoping to save his best friend from falling, a Shinra executive named Scarlet steps in and shoots off both of their hands and Barret drops Dyne.

Barret who was able to escape and return to the village; finds Dyne's daughter named Marlene , takes her, and decides to raise the girl as his own. Soon, he acquired a prosthetic gun-arm that was made specifically for him a soldier and scientist named Shalua Rui. He then went off on an expedition to learn about the incident that occurred in Corel where he learned about the group, AVALANCHE, Barret then decided to become the leader of the reincarnated organization and started his campaign against Shinra in Midgar. 


Barret Wallace Strengths

Barret specializes in ranged attacks. Holding down the ps-square-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide button releases a sustained burst of automatic fire when equipping ranged weapons. Barret can fire from safe locations and hit enemies that Cloud or any of his allies cannot reach. When equipped with a melee weapon, his normal attack and unique abilities will transform into slow, yet powerful, close-combat attacks.

Unique Skill: Overcharge

  • Press the ps-triangle-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide button while in control of Barret to deliver a heavy-hitting attack that fills a large portion of his ATB gauge.
  • Once unleashed, it takes time to recharge this attack. Pressing the ps-triangle-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide button, however, will speed up the process.

Unique Skill: Overrun

  • When equipped with a melee weapon, Barret's Overcharge turns into Overrun, whereby pressing ps-triangle-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide Barret will charge at his enemy, pushing them and finishing with a powerful jumping attack that sinks them on the ground.
  • Once unleashed, it takes time to recharge this attack. Pressing the ps-triangle-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide button, however, will speed up the process.

Barret can effectively fulfill the role of a tank, boasting the highest HP and vitality in the game, as well as having access to Steelskin (which reduces damage taken) and Lifesaver (which redirects damage taken by party members to him).

His flaws lie in very limited mobility, being the slowest character in the game in terms of movement speed as well speed attribute, with his dodge roll covering little range. He also has the lowest magic and spirit in the game, making him poor as a spellcaster (although this can be remedied with some weapons that increase his magic attack power).


Barret Wallace Weapons

A Gun-Arm is an artillery weapon that can only be used by Barret Wallace. This weapon is capable of long-range attacks and can continuously inflict damage against enemies that are out of reach. Check our Weapons page for a full list of all the weapons in Final Fantasy VII Remake.


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Default Materia Slots Attack Magic Attack Defense Magic Defense
Gatling Gun
Focused Shot 0 19 19 0 0
Light Machine Gun
Lifesaver 2 28 33 13 0
Big Bertha
Maximum Fury 2 53 40 0 0
Steel Pincers
Charging Uppercut 3 53 39 0 0
Wrecking Ball
Smackdown 4 65 17 0 0
EKG Cannon
Point Blank 4 34 65 0 0


Barret Wallace Abilities

  • Steelskin: Temporarily reduce damage taken and how easily you are interrupted.
  • Focused Shot: Consume all ATB charges to unleash a concentrated burst of energy. Significantly increases stagger.
  • Lifesaver: Take damage intended for other party members.
  • Maximum Fury: Unleashes all ATB in a flurry of bullets.
  • Charging Uppercut: Increases charge, rushes forward with huge blow.
  • Smackdown: Sends nearby enemies flying.
  • Point Blank: Consumes all ATB to deliver close-range attack and send enemies flying.


Barret Wallace Limit Breaks

  • Fire in the Hole: Shoot an orb of energy that creates a large explosion.
  • Catastrophe: Marshal all your strength and channel it into a concentrated beam of energy. Significantly increases stagger.


Barret Wallace Notes & Tips

  • Barret always starts the battle with Overcharge/Overrun fully charged, so make sure to open with it to get a huge damage boost from the start as well as increased ATB.
  • Overcharge can be charged faster after the final hit of Barret's basic attack, which can be done by pressing ps-triangle-button-final-fantasy-7-remake-wiki-guide right when he delivers the burst shot.
  • Barret excels at fighting flying enemies, boasting from a consistent damage-per-second when equipped with ranged weapons. This makes him a good candidate for Elemental Materia combined with Thunder or Wind Materias, as most flying enemies are susceptible to Wind, and many of those are mechanical opponents, meaning they take extra damage from Thunder.
  • Barret's stats, combined with the abilities Steelskin and Lifesaver, makes him an excellent tank, allowing him to mitigate damage taken by his allies.
  • His tanking capabilities can become even stronger when giving him Provoke, HP Plus, and Barrier Materias.
  • Most of Barret's weapons have upgrades that increase his max HP, further reinforcing his tank role.



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