Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Related NPCs



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Enemies

  1. Terpsicolt
  2. Lesser Drake
  3. Sweeper Prototype
  4. Bandit
  5. Beastmaster
  6. Bloodhound
  7. Beck
  8. Butch
  9. Burke
  10. Cutter
  11. Sweeper
  12. Corneo Lackey



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Items

  1. Hi-Potion
  2. Binding Materia
  3. 22. Cosmo Canyon
  4. Magnify Materia
  5. Phoenix Down
  6. 8. Under the Rotting Pizza
  7. Celeris
  8. Barrier Materia
  9. Ether
  10. Sam's Coin
  11. Tournament Entry Form
  12. 10. Honeybee Inn
  13. 17. Farm Boy
  14. 29. Midgar Blues
  15. Headband
  16. Madam M's Endorsement
  17. Sedative
  18. 26. Let the Battles Begin! REMAKE
  19. Andrea's Endorsement
  20. 11. Don of the Slums
  21. Turbo Ether
  22. Molotov
  23. Fury Ring



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Side Quests



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Objectives

  1. Tour Guide
  2. Take the Shortcut
  3. Beyond the Dead End
  4. Saying Goodbye
  5. Chasing Tifa
  6. To Corneo's Mansion
  7. The Trio
  8. Madam M's Desire
  9. Underground Colosseum
  10. Parting Ways
  11. Rescue Tifa
  12. Aerith's Plan
  13. The Audition
  14. Showdown with Corneo
  15. Discovery: Vagabond Johnny



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps Walkthrough

  • Tour Guide
    • Upon starting this chapter, you'll be surprised that Aerith knew what Cloud was up to and decides to join the party to help you reach Sector 7. Simply go around the section until you trigger a cutscene.
  • Take the Shortcut
    • Aerith mentions that there's a shortcut that can lead you to Sector 7 without passing through the Wall Market, so follow her first through the tunnel until you reach the Collapsed Expressway of Sector 6 Slums.
    • You'll encounter enemies in the first section which are Terpsicolt and Lesser Drake. Right before you climb down the ladder, there's a chest nearby that has 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Go down towards the mechanical arm when you're done.
  • Beyond the Ladder
    • You'll have to cross the other side by operating the Robot Arm. Interact with the console for a manual to appear. The objective is to lift Aerith with the help of the robot arm and help her cross the other side so that she can kick the ladder down for Cloud.
    • Once she's kicked the ladder, climb up and regroup with her. Destroy the Shinra boxes that are on the left side, then proceed forward where you'll be ambushed by a Sweeper Prototype.
    • After defeating the mechanical enemy, continue forward, climb down the ladder, and open the chest near it to find 2x Hi-Potion.
    • Continue through the path and climb up the ladder where you'll encounter 2x Terpsicolt. Go around from the left side, down the slope and you'll find a chest inside that has 1,000 Gil.
    • There's also another path below the console where the marked objective is, you'll reach a dead-end where you'll find another chest containing 1x Mega Potion. 2x Smogger enemies will appear in the previous section after you open the chest.
    • Defeat the enemies, head to the marked objective, and operate the console.
    •  For the next mechanical arm, you'll need to work alongside Aerith.
    • Grab the crate and position it next to the wooden platform, offer Aerith a ride and position the arm near the crate so that she can jump onto it and grab the Binding Materia.
    • Offer her a ride again, and this time, bring her up towards the ladder so that she can kick it down for you.
    • Once that's done, head down and climb up the ladder towards Aerith's position.
    • Follow Aerith around the next section until you reach another dead-end. There's a vending machine nearby where you can purchase a music disc: 22. Cosmo Canyon , as well as a bench next to it which you can use to rest.
    • When you're ready, retrace your steps, and about midway, you'll find a ladder around the corner which you can climb down to. Simply follow the path until you reach a door at the end which triggers a cutscene where the two encounter three men wearing masks named Beck, Butch, and Burke.
    • You just need to defeat them to obtain the next objective.
  • Beyond the Dead End
    • After the battle, make sure you destroy the Shinra boxes that's lying ahead.
    • Head towards the debris near the red metal piece for Cloud to enter the area with pipes. Proceed further until you come out and find another ladder you can climb up.
    • At the top, you'll encounter 2x Bandit and 1x Sweeper Prototype. Be careful with the Bandit enemies and try to keep your distance from them to avoid getting Gil and items stolen from you.
    • After defeating the enemies, you'll come across another console where you'll need to work alongside Aerith again to reach certain spots of the area. This time, you'll be taking control of two mechanical arms.
    • First, control the mechanical arm that's near Cloud and position it to the right side near the wooden walkway where the blue materia is. With the same arm, have Aerith hop onto it and position her to the crate so that you can jump onto it and grab the Magnify Materia.
    • After that's done, make her ride on the arm again and bring her back down to the ground where you first picked her up.
    • With the same arm, grab the container that you just moved and position it to the left side where the yellow mark is. Now, control the other arm, grab the nearby container and place it on top of the first container.
    • Next, change to the nearby arm and have Aerith ride it, move the arm towards the stacked containers and drop her off.
    • Change to the other mech arm and have Aerith hop onto it and move it to the right side so she can reach the ladder and kick it down for you.
    • Once that's done, climb down the nearby ladder and head towards Aerith's position.
    • After the cutscene, continue forward and you'll encounter another group of Bandit enemies in the next section.
    • After the battle, follow Aerith, give her a good high-five, and continue forward until you reach Evergreen Park where you'll find the gate to Sector 7.
  • Saying Goodbye
    • After the cutscene, search the area first. There's a narrow path on the left side where you'll find a chest on the other end that has 1x Ether.
    • After grabbing the item, approach Aerith and talk to her to trigger another cutscene. During the cutscene, Cloud sees Tifa  inside a cart and runs after her.
    • The dress that Tifa is wearing depends on the choice that you picked during the discovery  event: Alone at Last in Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum
    • If you chose the "Mature" option, she'll be wearing her classic blue dress. For the "Sporty" option, she'll be wearing a black Japanese style dress, and for the "Exotic" option, she'll be wearing a customized short version of a black kimono.
    • Of course with Aerith seeing what just happened, she insists that Cloud should rescue her from Corneo.
  • Chasing Tifa
    • Proceed forward after the cutscene until you see a stablehand petting a Chocobo. Speak to the guy and Sam appears. Sam will question you about Tifa's description and you'll be given options to say to Sam. Pick she's in great shape and Aerith will respond in a funny and awkward way, Sam, on the other hand, will know that it's Tifa you're describing.
    • After talking to Sam, there's a chest nearby containing 1x Phoenix Down.
    • Grab the item, then head to the entrance of Wall Market.
  • To Corneo's Mansion
    • At this point, there are some areas that are inaccessible for now. However, you can explore some parts of the red-light district to find some items and shops.
    • Once you enter the Wall Market, turn left and pass through an alleyway. On the other end, you'll find a jukebox playing a song. Interact with it to obtain a music disc: 8. Under the Rotting Pizza.
    • From the jukebox, if you go straight, and all the way at the end, you'll see a set of short stairs, at the top of it there's a chest containing 1x Celeris.
    • Go back to the entrance via the alleyway and head to the inner section where you'll find Johnny running away where you'll trigger a Discovery event.
  • DiscoveryVagabond Johnny
    • Follow Johnny.
    • Your choice of how you respond to Johnny will cause an impact on which side quests will be available for this mission. You can, however, later on, rerun this chapter once you've beaten the game so that you can unlock the rest of the side quests.
    • Once you've caught up to him, speak to him and choose "No" first so that you can unlock a Trophy: The Jonny Experience. By choosing this, you'll gain access to one of the two side quests: The Price of Thievery and Shears’ Counterattack. Choosing "Yeah" will grant you The Party Never Stops and A Dynamite Body side quests.
    • After your encounter with Johnny, head up the stairs towards where Johnny ran and check the backside area where you'll find a Barrier Materia.
    • Next, go back, and head towards the marked objective which leads to Corneo's mansion. At the top of the stairs, there's a chest on the right side where you can obtain 1,200 Gil.
    • Near the mansion, on the left side, you can check around the corner to find another chest containing 1x Ether.
    • Go back to the front, head inside, and speak to Leslie to trigger a cutscene.
  • The Trio
    • For the next objective, you need to obtain the approval from the Trio - Chocobo Sam, Madam M, and Andrea Rhodea.
    • You've already met Sam, so head over to the entrance of the Wall Market and speak to him.
    • Sam will ask you to bet on a toss coin and if your call is correct he'll give you the recommendation. No matter which choice you choose, you'll lose and eventually, Cloud finds out that its a trick coin. You will, however, obtain Sam's Coin.
    • Next up is Andrea Rhodea who is located at the Honeybee Inn which is at the north-west section of the district. When you reach the establishment, you'll find Johnny who just steps out of the area.
  • Madam M's Desire 
    • Head inside and the receptionist will require you to book an appointment to meet him. So for now, go back outside and head to Madam M's parlor which is at the north end side of the district.
    • Again, you'll see Johnny running out of the parlor
    • When you head inside, you'll be greeted by Madam M. After the cutscene, you will be asked to pay for a massage in exchange for the approval. Choose the Luxury Course since you have enough Gil to spare anyway.
    • Shortly after the treatment, you'll play as Aerith. Talk to Madam M and she'll provide you with her recommendation.
    • Madam M, on the other hand, suggests that she changes her clothes. Shortly after, you'll obtain the Tournament Entry Form from Madam M.
  • Underground Colosseum
    • Head to the marked objective where you'll reach the reception area of the colosseum.
    • Speak to the staff that's in front and when you're ready, hop in the elevator to enter the waiting area of the colosseum.
    • After the cutscene, you can head inside the waiting room next to the staff to find a vending machine and bench that you can use
    • Next, head inside the door that's on the far left side and you'll find a Johnny inside who's beaten up, speak to him to learn more about what happened.
    • After speaking to Johnny, Cloud and Aerith's name will be called out to head to the gate.
    • Before you proceed, make sure to have an Ice Materia and Fire Materia equipped.
    • Speak to the gatekeeper and tell him you're ready if you're good to go.
    • For the first round, you'll fight the Beastmaster and 2x Bloodhound. Use fire-based spells against the Beastmaster and ice-based spells against the Bloodhound to hit its weakness and to quickly stagger them.
    • After winning the first round, you'll be given the chance to rest and stock up in the waiting area. Speak to the gatekeeper and tell him you're ready if you're good to go.
    • For the semifinals, you will be facing the infamous trio bandits, Beck, Butch, and Burke, alongside a group of Bandits. You'll want to get rid of the bandits first to stop them from stealing Gil and items off of you.
    • After winning the second round, you'll return to the waiting area. Speak to the gatekeeper and tell him you're ready if you're good to go.
    • For the final round, you will be facing "Cutty &Sweepy" which is basically the Cutter and Sweeper. Lightning-based attacks will hit their weakness.
    • Once you've cleared the final round, you'll be back at the waiting room and Madam M informs you that there's still one fight left that is requested by Don Corneo.
    • After the cutscene, make sure to rest and stock up on items before talking to the gatekeeper.
    • For the extra round, you'll be facing a boss which is the Hell House.
    • After winning the battle, you'll be back at the reception area and you'll be greeted by the gatekeeper. He relays a message for you to head back to the parlor and speak to Madam M. Apart from that, you can also participate in extra challenges of the colosseum to obtain special rewards.
    • It's recommended that you enlist in Cloud and Aerith's challenges so that you can obtain the Legacy: Ascension and Legacy: Planet's Protection, a manuscript that grants Cloud and Aerith their second limit break.
    • If you're done at the colosseum, head to the parlor and speak to Madam M. She will tell you that once Aerith has changed, you won't be able to leave the district and that she won't be joining you for some time.
    • While Aerith gets dressed, you'll have the chance to explore the district more and partake in various Side Quests for this chapter. The list of quests is indicated above.
  • Parting Ways
    • If you head to the east side from the entrance of the area, you'll be able to find the Wall Market Pharmacy that sells the 10. Honeybee Inn music disc for 50 Gil.
    • From the pharmacy, if you go north and then west towards a small walkway, you'll find a set of stairs. At the top, you'll find a bar with ladies dressed as cowgirls at the front. Speak to the one near the record player (Gramophone) to obtain another music disc: 17. Farm Boy.
    • Head to the path that leads to the mansion and go east where you'll find a bar. You'll see a man singing karaoke, speak to him to obtain yet another music disc: 29. Midgar Blues.
    • From the bar, head across the street towards a gym, head inside and check the bathroom at the back to find a chest that has 1x Headband.
    • Once you've cleared the area for items and side quests around the district, head back to the parlor and check in on Aerith. This triggers another cutscene... aaaaand here come's Johnny... again.
  • Rescue Tifa
    • After listening to Johnny, follow him until you reach the mansion.
    • Head inside and speak to Leslie. Still, the guys won't let you through, so head back outside and a cutscene will trigger where you'll see an all-glammed up Aerith. You'll be able to obtain Madam M's Endorsement from Aerith.
  • Aerith's Plan
    • Aerith seems to have a plan which will help Cloud get in the mansion. So follow her towards the Honeybee Inn.
    • Head inside and speak to the receptionist to meet with Andrea Rhodea, turns out, Cloud has an appointment and Rhodea wishes to meet with Cloud.
    • Head inside and open the door on the left. You'll find Johnny's father inside and you can speak to him and help him guess the shape the lady dressed as a bee is doing. Behind the guy, there's a chest that has 1x Sedative.
    • After grabbing the item, approach the group of women to head to the main stage.
    • You'll now enter a dancing mini-game. If you are able to hit the sequence of buttons perfectly, you'll be able to obtain a music disc: 26. Let the Battles Begin! REMAKE. If ever you fail, you can rerun the tutorial.
    • After the tutorial, you'll be taken to the main stage where you'll dance alongside Andrea Rhodea.
    • Once you've cleared the dancing sequence, you'll receive Andrea's Earrings, unlock the Trophy: Dancing Queen, and Cloud will be dressed to the gods.
    • Shortly after, you'll now take control of Aerith who is outside the establishment. Cloud, on the other hand, comes out. He won't really respond when you interact with him. But you will, however, obtain Andrea's Endorsement. The Trophy: Snappy Dresser will also be unlocked for unlocking three bridal outfits, one of each from Tifa, Aerith, and Cloud. To get the Trophy: Dressed to the Nines, you'll need to unlock all three different dresses that they have.
  • The Audition
    • Back as the gorgeous Cloud, head to the mansion to progress objective.
    • Speak to Leslie once more and give him the endorsements. You'll finally be able to head inside.
    • Corneo's lackeys will ask you to head up the room and to wait. So head to the marked objective and wait inside the room where Aerith and Cloud will be put to sleep by a sleeping gas.
    • Shortly after, you'll be in a room where Tifa is along with Aerith. After the cutscene, you'll find a vending machine that's designed in the image of Corneo. You can purchase the music disc 11. Don of the Slums for 50 Gil.
    • Apart from that, there's also a chest inside the room that has 1x Turbo Ether.
    • At some point, the trio will be called out for "The Auditon". Head up the basement area until you reach the marked objective.
  • Showdown with Corneo
    • After the cutscene, you'll take control of Aerith and you'll have Tifa along. The objective is to rescue Cloud from Corneo. Before you head out of the room, make sure to open the chest to find 1x Molotov.
    • Head down to the main hall first and kill the group of Corneo Lackey. There's a small gap that you can squeeze into under the stairs to find a chest that has 1x Fury Ring.
    • Go back to the second floor and head to the marked objective towards Corneo's office. Defeat the two lackeys and head inside Corneo's bedroom.
    • During the cutscene, he will question you later about the situation, whichever choice you pick, he'll trigger a trap floor, causing the three to drop down into the sewers below. This completes Chapter 9.



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