Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Corkscrew Tunnel
Boss: Crab Warden
Reward/s Metal Knuckles
Prev. Quest: Chapter 4: Mad Dash
Next Quest: Chapter 6: Light the Way

Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Related NPCs



Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Enemies

  1. Slug-Ray
  2. Security Officer
  3. Grenadier
  4. Wererat
  5. Guard Dog
  6. Elite Grenadier
  7. Grashtrike
  8. Queen Grashstrike
  9. Elite Security Officer
  10. Crab Warden
  11. Flametrooper
  12. Sentry Launcher



Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Items

  1. Healing Materia
  2. Elixir
  3. Star Pendant
  4. Ether
  5. Antidote
  6. Hi-Potion
  7. Phoenix Down
  8. Leather Bracer
  9. Lightning Materia
  10. 28. Stamp
  11. Metal Knuckles



Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Objectives

  1. All Aboard for Sector 4
  2. Separate Ways
  3. Looking for a Friend
  4. Get your Bearings
  5. Find Stamp
    1. The Nose Knows 
    2. Check the Route
    3. Train Yard Security
  6. Secret Passageway
    1. Stairway Detour
  7. The Road to Mako Reactor 5



Chapter 5: Dogged Pursuit Walkthrough

  • All Aboard for Sector 4
    • Upon regaining control of Cloud, approach Tifa and head inside the next car where you'll find Barret.
    • After another cutscene with Barret, pick up the Healing Materia that's on the left side of the seats.
    • Go back to the previous car and check on Tifa.
  • Separate Ways
    • Shortly after, another cutscene will trigger and you'll be ambushed by Slug-Ray enemies inside the train. You'll need to take them out quickly before the timer reaches zero.
    • Head to the next car and destroy the next group of the same mechanical enemies.
    • Barret decides that they need to get off the train and decides to jump off forcing Barret to be separated from Tifa and Cloud.
    • You'll now be in the Corkscrew Tunnel where you'll have to fight off another group of Slug-Ray enemies alongside Tifa.
  • Looking for a Friend
    • For the next objective, you will need to find and rendezvous with Barret.
    • If you need to stock up on items, there's a nearby vending machine on the side of the tracks. 
    • In the next section, head to the platform that's on the right side of the train tracks, you'll find a chest that has 2x Hi-Potion.
    • Continue through the tunnel and a cutscene will trigger where we'll see Heidegger who seems to be plotting an attack against Cloud and the others.
    • You'll encounter another Slug-Ray and Security Officer enemies. Eventually, you'll find Barret fighting off more of those mechanical enemies.
    • Go up the stairs on the right side of the tracks to reach Barret. Once you're all gathered, you'll be able to switch over to Barret or issue commands to him in battle.
    • Defeat the enemies for the next objective.
  • Find Stamp
    • Proceed further down the tunnel, just near where you start to run, there's a door on the right side that goes inside a storage room. There's a chest inside the room that has 1x Elixir and Shinra boxes you can destroy.
    • Proceed further towards the train tracks and you'll encounter three Slug-Ray enemies in the middle.
    • Where the Slug-Ray enemies were, there's a set of stairs on the left side of tracks. Head up and you'll find another chest that's surrounded by 3x Wererat enemies. Kill the monsters and open the chest to find 1x Star Pendant. Go back down and proceed further down the tunnel.
    • The next group of enemies you'll encounter along the way are 2x Slug-Ray, 2x Guard Dog, and 1x Elite Grenadier.
    • Enter the door from where the enemies came from to find another storage room where you'll find another chest containing 1x Ether. Head back outside the tracks and proceed further to the tunnel. Eventually, you'll reach the end where you'll find a long set of stairs on the left side of the tracks.
  • The Nose Knows
    • Head up the stairs and clear out the Wererat enemies that are at the top area.
    • Go down the ladder on the other side of the upper platform where you'll find a chest containing 2x Antidote.
    • You'll now find yourself in Section D of the tunnel. Continue going down the stairs until you reach an open area where you'll encounter more Wererat and a Grashtrike. Defeat the enemies and open the chest nearby to find 2x Hi-Potion.
    • Remove the webbings and head up the stairs to reach the next platform where you'll encounter two more Grashtrike. Continue going down the lower section and you'll encounter two more Grashtrike and the Queen Grashstrike. Use Ice against the queen to hit its weakness.
    • After defeating all the enemies in the area, proceed to the next section of the platform. You'll find a vending machine on the right side of the stairs, a bench which you can use to rest, and a chest containing 3x Phoenix Down.
    • As you reach the next section, you'll encounter a new enemy which is the Flametrooper, use Fire against him to hit its weakness, the Flametrooper is also accompanied by 4x Security Officer. After clearing the area, make sure to destroy the Shinra boxes that's lying around before opening the door that leads back to the train tracks of Section E
  • Check the Route
    • When you're back on the tracks, follow Tifa and Barret to trigger another cutscene.
    • After the cutscene, proceed further towards the tracks of Section E.
    • Don't walk onto the left side of the tracks first, but instead, go on the right side and enter the door that's on the platform. You'll find another chest inside the room which has 1x Leather Bracelet.
    • Go back outside the tracks and continue forward until you reach the Rail Yard for your next objective.
  • Train Yard Security
    • Speak to Barret  to assess the situation.
    • As you proceed forward, two Sentry Launcher will appear from the ground and you'll also find two Flametrooper soldiers near the large gate. Use Fire against the Flametrooper and Thunder against the mechs. Doing this will increase the chances of staggering them and making it easier to finish them off.
  • Secret Passageway, Stairway Detour
    • After the battle, head up the stairs that are on the left side and work your way through the engine room.
    • Eventually, you'll find yourself in a corridor hallway that has a door on the right up the stairs and another in front of you.
    • Go inside the room first that's in front of you first to find the Lightning Materia, a bench that you use to rest, and a vending machine that contains a music disc, 28. Stamp, which you can purchase for 50 Gil.
    • Next, go back and head towards the other door where you'll find a large room that has some benches and tables. You'll encounter 2x Elite Security Officer enemies inside. Defeat the enemies, and open the other door that's in the same room.
    • You'll want to gear up or replenish your MP and HP by resting at the bench to prepare for a boss battle.
    • Once you reach the marked objective, climb down the ladder and proceed to the middle of the area to trigger a short cutscene.
    • Here, you'll face a boss which is the Crab Warden.
    • For this battle, focus on taking out its legs and use Thunder against it. Have Tifa and Cloud focus on each leg while Barret does continuous damage from afar. Taking out its legs significantly increases the stagger gauge of this boss.
    • In its second phase, it will call out three Slug-Ray enemies to fight alongside it. Quickly have Barret shoot it down and use Thunder to kill it. Make use of Ifrit as well and summon him when you get the chance to, it will surely help you win the battle.
    • Simply defeat the boss to obtain the next objective. Successfully defeating it will also reward you with a new weapon for Tifa, the classic Metal Knuckles
  • The Road to Mako Reactor 5
    • After defeating the Crab Warden, a cutscene will trigger.
    • Work your way through the crates and head down the ladder towards the service tunnel.
    • Follow Barret
    • Ride the service lift, this completes Chapter 5.



Notes & Tips

  • There's are three vending machines in each section of the tunnel.




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