Chapter 6: Light the Way is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 6: Light the Way Related NPCs



Chapter 6: Light the Way Enemies

  1. Grashtrike
  2. Blugu
  3. Sentry Ray
  4. Terpsicolt
  5. Sentry Gun Prototype
  6. Queen Grashtrike



Chapter 6: Light the Way Items

  1. Hi Potion
  2. Potion
  3. Hazardous Material
  4. Remedy
  5. Antidote
  6. Phoenix Down
  7. Turbo Ether
  8. 18. Electric de Chocobo
  9. Chocobo & Moogle Materia
  10. MP Up Materia
  11. Elemental Materia
  12. Mesmeric Armlet
  13. Moogle Medal
  14. Light Machine Gun
  15. Grappling Gun



Chapter 6: Light the Way Objectives

  1. Head for Section G
    1. Head to the Control Room
    2. Secure a Power Source
  2. Head for Section H
  3. Discovery: Collapsed Passageway
    1. The Way to Section H
  4. Discovery: Inside the Ventilation Fan
  5. Power for the Platform
    1. One Sun Lamp Down
    2. Console Online
    3. Two Sun Lamps Down
    4. Three Sun Lamps Down
  6. To the Cargo Platform



Chapter 6: Light the Way Walkthrough

  • Head for Section G
    • For this chapter, you'll have to maneuver your way around the facility of Sector 4 Plate.
    • Climb down the ladder and open the chest that's on the right side to find 1x Hi-Potion.
    • Follow Tifa and Barret before you open the door where the two are standing, there's a ladder on the left side which you can climb.
    • At the top, you'll find a chest on the left side containing 3x Potion.
    • Climb back down and interact with the button controlling the gate.
  • Head to the Control Room
    • Unfortunately, the switch doesn't seem to be working. Follow the two and head towards the control room.
  • Secure a Power Source
    • What you'll need to do is disable the sun lamps of certain platforms to transfer power onto other stuff like the power for the locked gate.
    • Go back down and climb up the ladder near the gate where you found the chest containing the potions. Flip the switch that's on the right side to deactivate the plate. This will provide power to open up the gate.
  • Head for Section H 
    • On the other side of the gate, you'll encounter two Grashtrike in the area ahead.
    • Proceed forward after killing the monsters and before going down the stairs, check around the corner on the left side and you'll find a chest containing 1x Hazardous Material.
  • Discovery: Collapsed Passageway
    • Head down the stairs toward the lower level of Section G.
    • On the other side of the catwalk, you'll find a blue materia. However, as you cross it, the path collapses forcing you to find another way around it to grab the materia.
    • To reach this, you need to work your way to Section H.
  • The Way to Section H
    • Go round the lower section, you'll need to head up the stairs, but before doing so, try to cross another catwalk path on the left where you'll encounter three Grashstrike. You'll find a chest that's on the side of the pillar that's in the middle which has 1x Remedy.
    • Go back and head up the stairs to the upper level of Section G and another short cutscene will trigger. 
    • After the cutscene, before proceeding to the next section, there's a chest on the right side of the upper section that has 2x Antidote.
    • On the next platform, you'll encounter a new enemy which is a Blugu and a Grashstrike, be careful when you are fighting these fish monsters because they can inflict Sleep on you, so watch out for its attack, Slumber Spume.
    • Continue forward until you reach the pipes.
    • While you walk onto the pipes, Tifa will point out that there's a red materia behind the large fan. This will unlock a Discovery Quest: Inside the Ventilation Fan.
    • Ignore that for now and follow the two until you reach Section H - Sun Lamp 1.
  • Power for the Platform
    • Before you proceed further, there's a vending machine and a bench that you can use nearby.
    • Proceed to the next area and head up the stairs where you'll encounter three Grashstrike enemies.
    • Head to the platform of the sun plate and flip the switch. You'll also find a chest on the right side that has 1x Phoenix Down.
    • Flipping the switch will power up the mechanical sentry enemies that are around the area.
  • One Sun Lamp Down
    • When you head back to the previous platform, you'll have to fight three Sentry Ray, use Barret for this battle since he's the only one who can shoot the mechs down or use Thunder.
  • Console Online
    • After destroying the sentries, activate the console and move the platform all the way to right side first instead of the one near you. Cross it and you'll find a chest on the other side that has 1x Turbo Ether.
    • Go back to the console and reposition the platform on the left side.
      • Cross the other side to reach Section H - Sun lamp 2.
      • On the next platform, you'll encounter two more Sentry Ray and two Terpsicolt enemies will appear which look like a seahorse. You can use Blizzard against it to hit its weakness.
      • After clearing the area, head to the platform of the second sun lamp and deactivate it.
  • Two Sun Lamps Down
    • After deactivating the mechanism, climb down the ladder near the sun plate and ride the lift back to Sun Lamp 1.
    • On this platform, you'll encounter a new enemy, three Sentry Gun Prototype.
    • Go back to the area where the main lift is and ride the one that's facing the platform where you'll see a ladder on the other side.
    • Climb up the ladder and check the vending machine, you'll be able to buy another music disc here for 50 Gil which is 18. Electric de Chocobo.
    • Interact with the console to turn off the fans and a timer of 1 minute will start to run. You'll need to kill the Queen GrashstrikeSentry Ray, and Grashstrike enemies in the room under 1 minute before the fan turns on. Inside the room, there's also a chest containing 1x Hi-Potion. Blizzard and Thunder will work against these enemies. If ever the timer runs out, you can flip the switch again but this time three Grashstrike enemies will appear instead.
    • After killing the enemies and while you still have time, interact with the other console to deactivate the timer and to open the door next to it. Head inside and you'll find yourself in the ventilation fan where you can acquire the Chocobo & Moogle Materia. Apart from that, you'll also acquire the Trophy: Clean up Crew.
    • Next, head back outside and proceed to the marked objective towards Sun Lamp 3. You'll need to ride the opposite lift to reach the platform.
    • Once you reach Section H - Sun Lamp 3, you'll find a chest along the way, on the right side, containing 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Next, climb down the ladder and you'll encounter 2x Queen Grashstrike on the platform ahead.
    • Once you've killed both monsters, operate the console and move the platform all the way down. You'll be able to reach out and grab the  MP Up Materia. Move it back up once you've grabbed it, and align the platform in the middle.
    • On the other side, you should be able to grab the blue materia you tried to get earlier. This is the Elemental Materia.
    • Now, climb back up the ladder where you got the Moogle Medal from the chest and operate the next walkway console.
    • Before you align it so you cross the other side. Position the platform all the way to the top and move it to the right so it can knock down the Shinra boxes that are on the shelves. After that's done, bring the platform back down and align it to your path.
    • Before you head to the sun lamp, make sure to destroy the Shinra boxes that you just knocked over on the right platform.
    • On the sun plate platform, you'll encounter two Terpsicolt and two Sentry Gun Prototype.
    • Clear the area of enemies, climb up to the sun plate, open the chest that's on the right side to find 1x Mesmeric Armlet, and flip the switch to deactivate the mechanism.
  • Three Sun Lamps Down - To the Cargo Platform
    • You've pretty much cleared the section at this point, so all you have to do is head to the main platform and operate the console to reach the cargo platform.
    • Before you reach the Interplate Utility Access via the vents, you'll encounter more mechanical enemies such as Sentry Gun Prototype, Sentry Ray, and Sentry Launcher. Remember, they are weak against Thunder. Use your spells!
    • Once you reach the Interplate Utility Access, destroy the Shinra boxes on the left, then climb up the ladder.
    • At the top, there's a chest on the right side that has 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Simply work your way through the walkway until you reach the end where Biggs is.
    • Biggs provides you with supplies such as 3x Ether, 3x Hi-Potion, a new weapon for Barret, a Light Machine Gun, and a Grappling Gun. - this ends Chapter 6.



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