Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Mako Reactor 5
Boss Airbuster
Reward/s Titanium Bangle
Prev. Quest: Chapter 6: Light the Way
Next Quest: Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard

Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Related NPCs



Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Enemies

  1. Monodrive
  2. Airbuster
  3. Slug-Ray
  4. Sweeper
  5. Laser Cannon
  6. Elite Shock Trooper
  7. Shock Trooper
  8. Security Officer
  9. Elite Security Officer
  10. Elite Grenadier
  11. Riot Trooper
  12. Elite Riot Trooper
  13. Cutter



Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Items

  1. Hi-Potion
  2. Echo Mist
  3. Ether
  4. Bulletproof Vest
  5. Lightning Materia
  6. Sonic Strikers
  7. Magic Up Materia
  8. Phoenix Down
  9. 2. Bombing Mission
  10. AI Programming Core
  11. Titanium Bangle
  12. Sector 5 Reactor keycard



Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Objectives

  1. Reach Mako Storage
    1. Down the Pipe
  2. Escape from the Reactor
  3. Sentenced to Death
    1. Monitor Data
    2. Status of the Airbuster
  4. Storm the Gates
    1. Disable the Security Lock
  5. Discovery: Waste Recovery



Chapter 7: A Trap is Sprung Walkthrough

  • Reach Mako Storage, Down the Pipe
    • For this chapter, you'll reach Mako Reactor 5. Start off by going around the walkway then jump down the large pipes.
    • At the bottom, immediately turn right and check under the pipe where you'll find a chest containing 3x Hi-Potion.
    • Go back to the Tifa and Barret and you'll find a prototype Airbuster hanging. Head inside the facility and you'll encounter three Monodrive enemies. Make sure you use Assess on this enemy since you can now scan them.
    • After the battle, climb down the ladder and open the chest that's on the right side to find 2x Echo Mist.
    • Continue forward via the walkway and before you head down the stairs, make sure to destroy the Shinra boxes that are at the end of the walkway.
    • At the lower platform, you'll encounter more Monodrive alongside a Slug-Ray. Defeat the enemies, open the chest that's at the end of the platform to find 1x Ether inside of it, then climb down the ladder.
    • Once you reach the lower section, you'll have to fight off 2x Sweeper and a new mechanical enemy which is are two Laser Cannon. Once you engage in battle, quickly switch to Barret and take out the laser cannon first and have Cloud and Tifa take care of the Sweeper. Thunder will work here since it's their weakness.
    • Climb down the ladder after defeating the enemies, then open the chest at the end of the walkway to find 1x Bulletproof Vest.
    • Next, climb down the ladder to reach the reactor core and set the explosives.
  • Escape from the Reactor, Sentenced to Death
    • After the cutscene, head back to the ladder and it'll be pulled up, at the same time, you'll be ambushed and a hologram of Heidegger will appear.
    • Now, you'll encounter an Elite Shock Trooper and 2x Shocktrooper. After fighting them, proceed forward towards the Assembly Plant of Mako Reactor 5.
    • Once you reach the facility room, you'll be greeted by Shinra troops. Fight your way through the Security Officer and Elite Security Officer enemies.
  • Monitor Data 
    • Once you've defeated them, check the table on the left to find a Sector 5 Reactor Keycard.
    • Approach Tifa and Barret and check the large console.
    • Next, walk towards the small console that's on the right side of the room and use the keycard to gain access which will allow you to tinker with the Airbuster by removing the M units. This won't really disable its performance, but instead, it reduces the number of items it has at its disposal.
    • Next, head to the console that's on the far left side and open the door.
    • Proceed further towards the next section where you'll encounter 2x Laser Cannon and Monodrive enemies.
    • Continue up the ramp on the right side and head inside the second control room where you'll encounter more Security Officer and Elite Grenadier enemies.
    • Clear the room, grab another key card that's on top of a cart on the right side, and then pick the Lightning Materia that's on the right side corner of the room.
    • Now inside the room, there are two consoles that disable two different units of the Airbuster. The one near Barret removes the "BB" or Big Bomber shells which inflicts a huge amount of damage if you get hit, while the other one removes its AI Programming Core, causing the Airbuster to move and slower and lessens the usage of attacks that can stun the team. The choice is yours to make since there's only one keycard that you can use.
    • Next, continue forward and unlock the door by using the console next to it to reach the next section where you'll encounter Laser Cannon and Elite Shock Trooper enemies.
    • After defeating the enemies, make sure to grab another reactor keycard that's on the left side corner of the room.
    • Head up the ramp and make your way inside the third control room where another group of Shinra soldiers is waiting.
    • Clear the room, then grab another keycard that's on top of a cart on the left side.
    • This time, there are three consoles that disable three different components of the Airbuster. Luckily, you now have two. Make sure to check each console to learn about the statistics or effect that will happen when you disable a certain component.
    • Once you've disabled two components, open the next door and proceed to the next section.
    • Before heading up the ramp on the right, there's a chest with purple lights on it straight ahead. The chest has a new weapon for Tifa, a pair of Sonic Strikers.
    • After grabbing the knuckles, head up the ramp and make your way inside the last control room.
    • Clear the area of the soldiers, grab the keycard that's on the floor at the right side corner of the room and the other on the cart that's on the left side and use it on both consoles that are in the room to remove its components.
  • Status of the Airbuster 
    • After that's done, unlock the door ahead and a proceed forward where you'll encounter two Elite Shock Trooper.
    • Head up the ramp and head back to the armory where you came from. 
    • Fight and defeat the Riot Trooper and Elite Riot Trooper enemies. Don't forget to Assess the elite enemy type to grab its information
    • After defeating the enemies, approach Tifa who's looking at the screens.
  • Storm the Gates
    • After the short cutscene, a Cutter enemy will cut through the wall behind you. Fight it and defeat it to continue forward.
    • Once you've defeated it, you'll be able to head up the ramp from where the Cutter came from. Make sure to open the chest that has 1x Ether before you head up the stairs.
    • At the top, you'll encounter three Monodrive enemies. Clear the area and head towards the exit.
  • Disable the Emergency Lock
    • After the cutscene, you'll notice that the console that opens the exit isn't working. Head inside the nearby control room.
    • You'll have to operate the levers now to disable the locks by using the Left and Right analog sticks.
    • Watch the consoles that are next to Tifa's arms to observe which direction she'll push the lever. You'll basically need to sync the analog sticks with her.
    • The first one is Left Stick-Down, Right Stick-Up
    • The second is Left Stick-Up, Right Stick-Up
    • The third will be Left Stick-, Right Stick-Up
    • And the fourth will be Left Stick-Up, Right Stick-Down
    • Successfully hitting all four levers in sync will unlock the Trophy: In Lockstep.
  • DiscoveryWaste Recovery
    • Once you've unlocked the door next to the console room, head inside the waste recovery room and you'll find the Magic Up Materia.
    • Next, there's a switch in the middle of the room, activate it to obtain the programming cores of the Airbuster that you removed. The items that you'll get will depend on which ones you chose to remove.
    • Now head back outside and proceed to the exit which you unlocked. On the other side, there's a Vending Machine where you can but a music disc for 50 Gil which is 2. Bombing Mission and a bench that you can use to rest and recover the team's HP and MP.
    • When you're ready, proceed forward and you'll trigger a cutscene.
  • Boss Battle: Airbuster
    • You will now face the Airbuster which is the boss of this chapter.
    • Successfully defeating the boss will reward you with Titanium Bangle along with Gil, EXP, and AP. This will also complete Chapter 7.



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