Story Quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake are categorized as main quests which focus on the main campaign or story of the game, players are required to complete these in order to advance the game's plot. Main Missions features various new locations, companions, equipment & magic, NPCs, enemies, and unlocks other quests such as Side Quests and many more. This page covers a full list of the many chapters of the game. To check the story's progress, open the map with the touchpad and press [L2] to check your progress in the story and revisit past events.

The Story

Command Cloud and make your way through the story. Use the left analog stick to move and the right analog stick to control the camera.


The tracker at the top of the screen and the minimap are helpful in tracking various objectives. Press [L2] to toggle between them.

Tracking Objectives

Track your objectives using the tracker or minimap.

Scenario Objectives


These icons represent main scenario objectives.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Story Quests








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