Chapter 11: Haunted

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Train Graveyard
Boss Ghoul
Reward/s Echo Mist
Bladed Staff
Subversion Materia
Prev. Quest: Chapter 10: Rough Waters
Next Quest: Chapter 12: Fight for Survival

Chapter 11: Haunted is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 11: Haunted Related NPCs



Chapter 11: Haunted Enemies

  1. Wererat
  2. Cripshay
  3. Ghost
  4. Lesser Drake
  5. Cerulean Drake
  6. Ghoul
  7. Eligor



Chapter 11: Haunted Items

  1. Mythril Rod
  2. HP Up Materia
  3. Gothic Bangle
  4. Mega Potion
  5. Echo Mist
  6. Moogle Medal
  7. 6. Let the Battles Begin!
  8. Subversion Materia
  9. Hi-Potion



Chapter 11: Haunted Objectives

  1. A Train Wreck
    1. Toward the Light
    2. Someone's There
  2. Pass Through the Maintenance Facility
    1. All Aboard the Graveyard
    2. Shadow in the Control Room
    3. Crane Game
    4. Head for the Exit
  3. Back Amongst Friends
    1. Blocked Road
    2. Clear the Way



Chapter 11: Haunted Walkthrough

  • A Train Wreck
    • Once you reach the surface, you'll find a vending machine and bench that you can use.
    • Climb up the ladder and head towards the train graveyard section.
  • Toward the Light
    • Climb down the ladder and head inside the train where you'll encounter Wererat enemies on the other side.
    • Head to the east side of the train car and you'll find a purple chest at the end where you'll obtain 1x Mythril Rod.
    • Go back and head towards the marked objective where you'll encounter a new enemy, the Cripshay. This enemy is weak against ice-based attacks.
    • After defeating the enemy, head inside the building and go under the metal debris on the left.
  • Someone's There
    • On the other side, head inside the next train car and squeeze through the tight path.
    • When you're at the other side of the train cart, some drawings will appear on the ground and you'll encounter Wererat and Cripshay enemies.
    • Before climbing up the ladder, walk inside the other train car and on the other end, you'll find a chest that has 1 Gil. Go back and follow Tifa and Aerith where you'll encounter another group of Cripshay enemies.
    • From where you fought the Cripshay, check the left side where you can grab 1x HP Up Materia. After grabbing the materia, go back and head towards the maintenance facility
    • Make sure you destroy the Shinra boxes near the main door to find some items or mako shards.
  • Pass Through the Maintenance Facility
    • Follow Aerith through the facility and you'll fight a Ghost enemy. Use Fire against it to hit its weakness. But make sure to not use spells against it once it casts Shield which deflects any magical attacks.
    • Once you've defeated the enemies, go back to the entrance and kill the Cripshay enemies.
  • All Aboard the Graveyard, Shadow in the Control Room
    • Shortly after, a friendly ghost will help you pass by opening the nearby train car. The ghost will basically guide you where to go which is the control room.
    • When you reach the east section, you'll encounter a Lesser Drake at the bottom and you'll find a nearby chest containing 1x Gothic Bangle.
    • Head back up the stairs and continue towards a large locker room where you'll be ambushed by Ghost enemies.
    • Continue forward towards the next room and another Ghost will appear. Head to the south side area into another room and you'll find a chest at the side that has 2x Mega Potion.
    • Go back and proceed to the marked objective, along the way, head down another set of stairs and to the left side, instead of climbing the ladder. Around the stairs, you'll find another chest containing 3x Echo Mist.
    • Next, head back up and climb up the ladder. Cross the walkway to reach the other end, jump down, then head up the stairs. You'll find another chest before reaching the second set of stairs where you can grab 1,000 Gil.
    • Apart from that, there's a door on the south side where you can find another chest containing 1x Moogle Medal.
    • After that's done, head towards the control room and check the nearby vending machine, you'll be able to purchase a music disc: 6. Let the Battles Begin! for 50 Gil, as well as a bench that you can use to rest. Make sure to have someone equip the Fire Materia and Elemental Materia to their weapon.
    • When you're done, head inside the control room and interact with the panel to trigger another cutscene.
  • Boss: Ghoul
    • After the cutscene, you'll now enter a boss battle against a Ghoul. Its weakness is Fire so as mentioned, you should have either one of them equip the recommended materia. You'll obtain the next objective after defeating this boss and you'll be rewarded with 600 EXP, 10 AP, 600 Gil, and the Subversion Materia,
  • Crane Game
    • Defeating the Ghoul will restore the power of the facility.
    • Retrace your steps and head to the console that wasn't working earlier.
    • Pull the switch for the crane to bring down the train car.
  • Head for the Exit
    • Head back downstairs and enter the train car until you reach the exit.
    • Before reaching the other end of the train car, you can head to the left side where you'll encounter 2x Lesser Drake. You'll also find a chest containing 3x Echo Mist.
    • Proceed to the exit and another cutscene will trigger. If you need to rest, there's a bench on the right side that you can use.
  • Back Amongst Friends
    • When you're back outside the area, pull the switch that's nearby for the turntable to start moving. While it moves, you'll have to fight off a group of enemies such as Wererat, Ghost, and Cripshay enemies.
    • Kill all the enemies and after the last group, head towards the turntable and cross to the other side.
    • NOTE: Make sure you have Tifa or Cloud equip the Steal Materia.
    • Before going up the ladder, you'll find a chest on the right side that has 1x Hi-Potion. Next, head up the ladder and head to the next section where you'll obtain the next objective.
    • From here, climb up the train car and activate the switch which will trigger another cutscene.
  • Blocked Road/Clear the Way
    • After the cutscene, head towards the marked objective where you'll find another train car that has a console.
    • Before climbing up, check the right side to find another chest containing 2x Mega Potion. Activate the switch for the train to move and for another short cutscene to trigger.
    • Go back down, continue forward, and kill the Cerulean Drake and Lesser Drake enemies.
    • Once you've killed the enemies, go around the corner and activate the next console which moves another train car.
    • You've now made a path to reach your objective. Simply climb up to the top of the train car and head to the marked section where you'll find a bench and vending machine that you can use.
    • If you haven't yet, Make sure you have Tifa or Cloud equip the Steal Materia and have one equip the elemental and ice materia to their weapon. When you're ready, head to the open area and another cutscene will trigger.
  • Boss: Eligor
    • You'll now fight against the second boss for this chapter, Eligor.
    • If you have the Steal Materia equipped, then you're lucky to be able to steal the Bladed Staff weapon for Aerith off of this boss. So keep trying to steal in the middle of the battle until you have it.
    • This boss is weak to ice, so summoning Shiva when the summon is available and having the team equip the Ice Materia and the Elemental Materia to their weapons will help you win this battle smoothly.
    • Attacking its wheels will greatly increase its stagger bar as well.
    • Successfully defeating Eligor rewards the team with 1,200 Gil, 5 SP, and a bottle of Echo Mist.
    • Head to the marked location after the battle to trigger another cutrscene which will also complete and end this chapter.



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