Chapter 14: In Search of Hope

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Wall Market
Sewer System
Sector 5 Slums
Boss Abzu
Abzu Shoat
Reward/s Phoenix Down
Prev. Quest: Chapter 13: A Broken World
Next Quest: Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still

Chapter 14: In Search of Hope is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Related NPCs



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Enemies

  1. Sahagin
  2. Blugu
  3. Scissorclaw
  4. Wererat
  5. Abzu Shoat
  6. Abzu



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Items

  1. 7. Turks' Theme
  2. Moogle Medal
  3. Elixir
  4. Sorcerer's Armlet
  5. 24. Wutai
  6. Otherworldly Crystal
  7. Chakra Materia
  8. Ether
  9. 13. The Chase
  10. Hazardous Material
  11. Phoenix Down
  12. Poison Materia
  13. Mega Potion
  14. Protective Boots
  15. Elemental Materia
  16. Grappling Gun



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Side Quests



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Objectives

  1. Resolve
  2. Intel Gathering
    1. Discovery: Johnny's Stolen Wallet
  3. Through the Underground Waterway
  4. The Hideout
  5. Recovering the Key
  6. Fateful Decisions
  7. For the Reunion
  8. Over the Wall



Chapter 14: In Search of Hope Walkthrough

  • Resolve
    • For this chapter, the team will be back at Aerith's House in Sector 5 Slums. During the night, Cloud is awakened by some noises and investigates.
    • Head down the living room and go outside towards the garden where you'll find Barret.
  • Intel Gathering
    • The next morning, the team decides to save Aerith. But first, you'll need to gather information.
    • Outside of the house, you'll instantly see the Pedometer Materia which is just in front of Cloud.
    • After grabbing the materia, head towards the residential area of the slums. You'll trigger another cutscene where you'll see a girl named Kyrie who's gathering the residents and feeding them information regarding the recent events.
    • Shortly after, you'll be given a tutorial regarding the availability of side quests for this chapter. The list of side quests is listed above. You'll want to make sure you clear out each side mission here and check every section of the area since the party won't be able to return once you enter Shirna HQ.
    • You'll now be able to fast travel as well by speaking to the nearby stablehand and use Sam's Delivery Service to bring you to the available locations. You will just need to pay a certain amount of Gil to do so.
    • A couple of things you want to grab here, first, in S6-5 Road, in the middle of the map, you'll find a woman standing by the edge of the platform. Speak to her to obtain a music disc: 7. Turks' Theme.
    • Head to the Wall Market and by the entrance, head north towards an alley that leads to a dead-end. You'll find a chest that has 1x Moogle Medal.
    • Still at the Wall Market, go back and head across the street. In the south section, there's another alley leading to a dead-end where you'll find another chest containing 1x Elixir.
    • Next, make your way near the Honeybee Inn and across from it, there's a tight alleyway that you can squeeze into. On the other side, there's a chest containing 1x Sorcerer's Armlet.
    • After this, head to the Uban Advancement District in Sector 6. About midway inside the district, you'll find a man standing next to a record player (Gramophone). Speak to the man to obtain another music disc: 24. Wutai.
  • DiscoveryJohnny's Stolen Wallet
    • During one of the side quests, which is after completing Tomboy Bandit, you'll trigger a Discovery event, Johnny's Stolen Wallet.
    • Head back to the undercity station of Sector 5 and simply give the wallet back to Johnny to complete it.
  • Intel Gathering 
    • Once you've completed all side quests and revisited each area, head back to the Wall Market and head to Corneo's Mansion.
    • Before you head to the marked objective, go up the second floor and enter the third door. Inside, head down the stairs to an underground section and you'll find a chest that contains 1x Otherworldly Crystal.
    • Next, go back, and head inside the middle door which leads to Corneo's office. Open the door on the left and you'll find another set of stairs that goes to another room underground. Inside the room, you'll find Kotch strapped onto a table, interact with him to free him and he'll leave behind a Chakra Materia as he leaves.
    • Go back to Corneo's office and head inside the bedroom where you'll find Leslie. If you're ready, speak to Leslie to proceed to the sewers system of Sector 6.
  • Through the Underground Waterway
    • After the cutscene, follow Leslie through the sewers and work your way through the rubble.
    • As you enter the next section, past Leslie, you'll encounter Sahagin enemies, followed by Blugu, and Scirssorclaw enemies along the way.
    • Some of the areas here are now blocked, so as you fight your way through the enemies, head towards the previously locked gate that has a red and gold sigil on it. You'll find the gate is unlocked now.
    • Proceed forward and you'll encounter more groups of enemies before reaching the marked objective.
    • After you climb down a ladder towards a tunnel path, you'll find a chest nearby where you can grab a bottle of Ether.
    • From here, simply head to the marked objective until you rendezvous with Leslie at the trunk line.
  • The Hideout
    • Follow Leslie through the trunk line area and clear out the group of Scissorclaw in the next section.
    • After clearing the enemies, open the door and follow Leslie through the corridor. In the room ahead, there's a nearby vending machine and a bench you can use. Make sure to check the machine so that you can buy a music disc from it which is 13. The Chase.
    • Approach Leslie when you're ready to trigger another cutscene.
  • Recovering the Key
    • Turns out the monster that just appeared stole the key from Leslie. You'll need to chase after it now.
    • Along the way, you'll encounter enemies such as a group of Wererat. On the right side where the rats were, there's a chest containing 2x Hazardous Material.
    • Continue forward and you'll come across a group of Sahagin enemies. Continue forward after clearing the enemies and climb up the ladder to where Leslie is. You'll reach the Old Line of the sewer system.
    • Before you follow the monster by going under the obstacle on your right, make sure to check the opposite platform to find a chest that has 2x Phoenix Down.
    • After grabbing the item, head to where the monster is and you'll fight against an Abzu Shoat. You can use fire-based attacks against it to slightly fill up its stagger bar.
    • Proceed forward and work your way through the obstacles until you reach the next section where you'll encounter two more Abzu Shoat and a Blugu. From where you fought these enemies, make sure to grab the Poison Materia that's on the ground at the right side corner. You'll see it.
    • After that's done, continue forward and chase after the monster. In the next room, two more Abzu Shoat will appear alongside a Sahagin. In the next room will be 1x Abzu Shoat and 2x Scissorclaw, make sure you open the chest after killing the enemies to find 2x Mega Potion.
    • Next, head down the section below and you'll have to fight against 2x Blugu, 1x Sahagin and 1x Scissorclaw enemies. Before proceeding to the next room, make sure to open the chest on the left side to find 1x Ether.
    • From here, proceed further and chase after the monster where you'll eventually chase after it and fight it. This Abzu Shoat has more health compared to the ones you just encountered and has the ability to call reinforcements. You'll learn that the item it stole isn't the key but instead a necklace Leslie gave to his fiance.
  • Fateful Decisions
    • After the cutscene, follow Leslie towards a shortcut.
    • Before climbing up the ladder, flip the switch next to it to drain the water in the Former Disposal Area.
    • If you were able to complete all side quests, you'll be able to find one of Corneo's stashes here. Retrace your steps back to the side of the tunnel where you passed and at the end, you'll find a door that you can open, you'll be ambushed by Sahagin enemies inside before you check the hidden stash.
    • After that's done, go back, and at the corner, before you reach the main tunnel, there's another chest that has 1x Protective Boots.
    • From here, go back to where you flipped the switch, climb up the ladder, and follow Leslie until you reach the door to Corneo's hideout.
    • Leslie will then ask you to wait outside. You can, however, go in. But before opening the next door, be sure to rest at the bench that's on the left and restock on supplies from the vending machine in the previous room and have the team equip the Fire Materia and Elemental Materia to their weapons.
    • When you're ready, open the door and a cutscene will trigger where you'll find Don Corneo in the flesh.
    • Abzu will then appear and you'll have to fight it for the second time around, alongside Abzu Shoat.
    • Defeating Abzu will reward you with 1100 EXOm 10 AP, 1100 Gil, and a tuft of Phoenix Down.
  • For the Reunion
    • After the battle, head inside the red door and another cutscene will trigger.
    • After the cutscene, if you need to head back up the surface to check other things or if you miss out on some side quests, this is the time to do so, since you won't be able to return here once you progress the next main scenario.
    • If you're all set, follow Leslie to progress the story, you'll obtain the Grappling gun from him.
  • Over the Wall
    • After the cutscene, go back to where you came from and head down the path to find a chest containing 3x Moogle Medal.
    • If you've also completed all side quests, you'll find a letter on the ground from the "Guardian Angel" as well as an Elemental Materia.
    • Once all is done, head to the wall and answer Yes when Barret asks you. This ends Chapter 14.



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