Moogle Medal

Use Currency used at The Moogle Emporium.
Item Type: Key item
Location Random

Moogle Medal is a Key Item in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Moogle Medal used as currency to trade items at The Moogle Emporium shop. Key Item are special items that can be used to progress through the game history. These items have different effects and can be used at different Locations.


A medal with a moogle on it. A popular item among collectors


Moogle Medal Information


How to acquire Moogle Medal

  • Randomly found in crates and chests.
  • During Chapter 8, part named Head for the Station in the  Sector 5 Slums : First, when you cross the other side after jumping across the water tank, you'll find a chest containing 1x Moogle Medal. It's on another roof that's below you.
  • Chapter 11: Haunted : In the part of the quest named Blocked Road/Clear the Way: Apart from that, there's a door on the south side where you can find another chest containing 1x Moogle Medal.
  • Chapter 13: A Broken World: In the part of the quest named in Solitude: Close to the area where you meet the new enemy  Bugaboo the would be Shinra boxes containing the item.
  • Chapter 14: In Search of Hope: In the part of the quest named Intel Gathering, Head to the Wall Market and by the entrance, head north towards an alley that leads to a dead-end. You'll find a chest that has 1x Moogle Medal.
  • Chapter 14: In Search of Hope: In the part of the quest named Over the Wall: After the cutscene, go back to where you came from and head down the path to find a chest containing 3x Moogle Medal.
  • Chapter 16: The Belly of the Beast: In the part of the quest named Shinra Building Intel: After the cutscene, ahead of you, you'll find some plants near a sitting area. There's a chest beside it that has 1x Moogle Medal.


Moogle Medal Notes & Tips

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