Chapter 12: Fight for Survival

Quest Type Story Quest
Location Sector 7 Pillar
Sector 7 Slums
Boss Reno & Rude
Reward/s Turbo Ether
Mega Potion
Prev. Quest: Chapter 11: Haunted
Next Quest: Chapter 13: A Broken World

Chapter 12: Fight for Survival is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Related NPCs



Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Enemies

  1. Mysterious Spectre
  2. Enigmatic Spectre
  3. Elite Security Officer
  4. Sentry Gun
  5. Elite Riot Trooper
  6. Slug-Ray
  7. Helitrooper



Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Items

  1. Orb of Gravity
  2. Ether
  3. Turbo Ether
  4. Mega Potion



Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Objectives

  1. Head for the Pillar
  2. Link Up with Avalanche
  3. Evacuation Orders
  4. Saving Marlene
    1. The Rescue
  5. To the Top
  6. Showdown



Chapter 12: Fight for Survival Walkthrough

  • Head for the Pillar
    • For this chapter, you'll return to Sector 7 Slums where a shoot-out between the residents of Sector 7 Slums and the Shinra troops is happening.
    • Once you regain control of Cloud, head to the pillar and follow Tifa and Aerith to the residential area where you'll encounter the Mysterious Spectre and Enigmatic Spectre . Focus on defeating the Mysterious Spectre first so that the Enigmatic Spectre gets staggered.
    • After the battle, head to the marked objective where you'll find the residents are taking shelter. 
  • Link Up with Avalanche
    • While Wedge falls off from the pillar, Tifa and Aerith decide to stay behind to look after Wedge. You'll now have to work your way to the pillar on your own and rendezvous with the rest of the AVALANCHE.
    • Before you head up the stairs, you'll find a bench and a vending machine that you can use. Better stock up, equip a lightning, wind, and fire materia, and rest as well.
    • When you're ready, head up the pillar and you'll encounter 3x Elite Security Officer and 1x Sentry Gun in the first section. Lightning-based attacks can hit the weakness of the mechanical enemies.
    • On the next floor, you'll encounter 2x Elite Riot Trooper and 1x Elite Security Officer. You'll also find a chest on this level that contains 2x Orb of Gravity.
    • Once you open the chest, 2x Slug-Ray enemies will ambush Cloud.
    • Go up the next floor to find Biggs who's wounded, after the cutscene, head up the fourth floor of the pillar and you'll encounter a new enemy, a Helitrooper
    • The Helitrooper is weak against wind and fire-based attacks.
    • After defeating these enemies, work your way around the pillar and head towards the side where you'll find a chest that has 1x Ether.
    • Next, continue to the top and proceed to the next level where you'll encounter another Helitrooper and 2x Elite Security Officer enemies. After defeating the group, head up two levels of the pillar.
    • On the seventh floor, there are Shinra boxes that you can destroy. You'll also trigger a cutscene.
  • Evacuation Orders
    • After the cutscene, Tifa asks Aerith to head over to Seventh Heaven to take Marlene. The two will separate from here on as Tifa follows Cloud and Barret to the pillar.
    • You'll take control of Aerith this time. Your objective is to follow Wedge and reach the Seventh Heaven bar.
  • Saving Marlene
    • Wedge decides to help the rest of the people, so you'll have to reach the bar on your own.
    • Eventually, you'll reach the bar and a cutscene will trigger where a helicopter crashes in front of the bar which forces you to find another way around it.
    • Simply follow the marked objective and work your way around the residential area. Again, the path you'll find will eventually be blocked from an explosion and you'll have to find another way.
  • The Rescue
    • Aerith bumps into a little girl Betty, a friend of Marlene. You'll have to take her to Marle first. Once you've dropped the little girl to safety, continue towards the marked objective to reach the bar.
    • You'll eventually reach the bar and you'll find Marlene hiding under the kitchen sink, behind the bar.
    • As you head out of the bar, another cutscene is triggered
  • To the Top
    • After the cutscene, you'll resume back at the pillar with Cloud and Tifa. You'll have to reach the top of the pillar and try to catch up with Barret and Jessie while fighting off more enemies along the way and avoiding the shots from the helicopter.
    • When you reach the top, make sure you use the vending machine and rest at the bench to recover your HP and MP, as well as to stock up on supplies.
    • Most importantly, you'll want to swap out and check Barret's equipment.
    • Another thing is to link the Lightning Materia and Elemental Materia to the party's armor to gain defenses aginst Reno's attacks. When you're ready, continue forward to trigger the next main scenario.
  • Showdown
    • With the trio back together, you'll now face the Reno and Rude for the second time around at the top of the pillar. You'll basically fight Reno on the ground while Rude controls the helicopter. Shortly after, Rude joins in and fights alongside Reno.
    • Defeating Rude rewards you with 340 EXP, 10 AP, 2,550 Gil, and a Mega Potion. Reno, on the other hand, rewards the team with 510 EXP, 10 AP, 850 Gil, and a bottle of Turbo Ether.
    • After the battle, you'll have to escape the pillar before the timer reaches zero.
    • Head towards Tifa's location to trigger another cutscene which also ends this chapter.



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