Chapter 13: A Broken World is a Story Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Story Quest are mandatory to complete Final Fantasy 7 Remake.



Chapter 13: A Broken World Related NPCs



Chapter 13: A Broken World Enemies

  1. Gorger
  2. Ringmaw
  3. Varghidpolis
  4. Terpsicolt
  5. Smogger
  6. Sweeper Prototype
  7. Bandit
  8. Grungy Bandit
  9. Butch
  10. Burke
  11. Beck
  12. Bugaboo
  13. Wererat
  14. Bloodhound
  15. Monodrive
  16. Cutter
  17. Unknown Entity
  18. Failed Experiment



Chapter 13: A Broken World Items

  1. Mythical Amulet
  2. Mega Potion
  3. Heavy-Duty Bracer
  4. Ether
  5. Orb of Gravity
  6. 15. On Our Way
  7. Big Bertha
  8. Healing Carcanet
  9. Turbo Ether
  10. Ice Materia
  11. Warding Materia
  12. 14. Main Theme of FFVII
  13. Moogle Medal
  14. Mythril Claws



Chapter 13: A Broken World Objectives

  1. Through the Rubble
  2. Words of Hope
  3. Checking on Friends
    1. Onward to Sector 7
  4. Crawling to the Surface
  5. Home is Where the Heart is
  6. In Solitude
    1. Reunite with Tifa
  7. Finding Wedge
    1. Beyond the Fracture
  8. Return



Chapter 13: A Broken World Walkthrough

  • Through the Rubble
    • For this chapter, Cloud , Tifa , and Barret  will be in the collapsed area of Sector 6 Slums . Once you gain control of Cloud, follow Tifa and work your way through the rubble. On the other side, help Tifa push the wall to reach Barret.
  • Words of Hope
    • After the cutscene, Barret joins the party.
    • Work your way through Sector 6 Slums until you reach the Wall Market.
    • If you need to restock on supplies, you can visit the shops in the district. When you're done, follow the marked objective to reach Aerith's house in Sector 5 Slums.
    • Eventually, you'll reach Aerith's house where Elmyra is and Marlene as well.
  • Checking on Friends
    • After the cutscene, head up the second floor of the house and head inside the room where Marlene is resting. You'll find a chest that has 1x Mythical Amulet.
    • Once that's done, go outside the house and follow the marked objective back to Sector 7 Slums via the collapsed expressway.
    • In the collapsed expressway, you'll encounter Gorger enemies first.
    • After passing the first mechanical arm, you'll have to squeeze through a tight gap since the path on the right is blocked. On the other side, you'll find a chest containing 1x Mega Potion that's on the left side. Continue forward and you'll encounter Ringmaw enemies.
    • In the next section, you'll encounter Varghidpolis and Terpsicolt enemies. The next enemies you'll encounter are Smogger and Sweeper Prototype.
    • Once you climb down the ladder, you'll find a hallway at the side where you can find a chest that has 1x Heavy-Duty Bracer.
    • Next, you'll first encounter a group of Bandit enemies, there's a path on the right side where you can find a chest containing a bottle of Ether.
    • As you continue forward, you'll encounter the Bandit and then the trio again, Butch, Burke, and Beck.
    • For the second group of enemies, it will be another group of Bandit and a Grungy Bandit.
    • Before you climb up the ladder, there's a chest on the left side that has 1x Orb of Gravity.
    • When you reach the top, you'll encounter another group of Ringmaws. Clear the enemies, head up the ladder and you'll find yourself back at the playground area near the Sector 7 gate.
    • You'll find the rest of the survivors and Wymer. Speak to him after the cutscene to obtain a music disc: 15. On Your Way. The weapons vendor of sector 7 is there as well, if you check his inventory, you'll be able to purchase a new weapon for Barret, the Big Bertha.
    • When you're done, head the marked objective and proceed underground towards S7-6 Service Tunnel.
    • Simply follow Barret through the tunnel until you're back on the surface of the slums section of Sector 7.
  • Home is Where the Heart Is
    • Follow Barret through the rubble and debris to look for any survivors. Shortly after, you'll come across a wall that you'll need to push so that you can interact and follow the cat. Before you reach Wedge, the floor will collapse and the team will fall to the underground test site that Shinra has built and kept secret.
  • In Solitude
    • For this main scenario, you'll be taking control of Barret. You'll be prompted a tutorial on how to destroy obstacles in order to progress. Simply press the [Square] button when the search scope appears on an obstacle.
    • On the other side, you'll find a bench and a vending machine that you can use.
    • When you're ready, continue forward and you'll encounter a new enemy, swarm of Bugaboo and Wererat. Kill the enemies and proceed to the next section. But be mindful when you're passing through, if you check the shelves, you'll find Shinra boxes that you can destroy. Make sure you destroy every single box to find consumables, mako shards, and even Moogle Medals.
    • You'll eventually reach another obstacle that Barret needs to shoot down to progress.
    • On the other side, you are meant to go to the south section to reach the next section. Before doing so, make sure to check the end of the hallway to find another obstacle that you can destroy. You'll find a chest on the other side that has 2,000 Gil.
    • Proceed to the marked objective and after squeezing through the gap, you'll encounter 2x Bloodhound enemies.
    • Climb up the ladder after fighting the enemies, turn left and you'll encounter 2x Bugaboo. You'll find a crane at the end that Barret can shoot which drops achest containing 2x Mega Potion.
    • After grabbing the item, head to the next section. And instead of making your way towards the marked objective, head north and you'll encounter another obstacle that can be destroyed. Behind the rubble is another chest containing 1x Healing Carcanet.
    • Next, proceed to the marked objective and shoot down the large ventilator to reach the next section.
    • You'll encounter more enemies along the way and more Shinra boxes that you can destroy. You'll reach the facility and find Tifa on the other end fighting some monsters.
  • Reunite with Tifa
    • For your next objective, you'll need to find a way to rendezvous with Tifa and help her fight the monsters.
    • Still as Barret, head to the top of the stairs and shoot the crane that's in front of him. This will drop the mechanical structure it's attached to which causes an explosion and burns up the swarm of Bugaboo.
    • After the cutscene, head back down and you'll be able to group up with Tifa.
  • Finding Wedge
    • Once you're reunited with Tifa, head up the stairs and destroy the Shinra boxes first that's on the left.
    • What you need to do is have Barret shoot down the ventilators so that you can check the sections on the other side.
    • First, destroy the one that's on the left and you'll find a chest on the other side containing 1x Ether. Shoot the one that's on the right and you'll find more Shinra boxes on the other side.
    • Next, shoot the ventilator that's in the middle where you'll encounter 2x Bloodhound on the other side.
    • Clear the enemies first, then shoot down the door of a cage that's on the left. Inside, there's more Shinra boxes and another chest containing 1x Turbo Ether. Shoot down the other cage door on the right to find more Shinra boxes and an Ice Materia.
    • After grabbing both items, head back outside and make your way up the stairs and you'll find another cage door that you can destroy. Inside, you'll find a 1x Warding Materia.
    • Next, climb up the ladder and you'll encounter 2x Monodrive and a Cutter.
    • Continue to the next section and you'll encounter more enemies such as the BloodhoundVarghidpolis, and another swarm of Bugaboo enemies.
    • Eventually, after fighting your way through the enemies, you'll reach the top where you'll find a chest and a vending machine. Don't forget to check the vending machine so that you can buy another music disc: 14. Main Theme of FFVII from it for 50 Gil.
    • While you prepare, make sure to have Tifa and Barret equip the Ice Materia and link it with the Elemental Materia to their weapons.
    • When you're ready, squeeze through the gap of the mechanical door and you'll be right back at the top area of the test site where you found Wedge. A cutscene will trigger here.
    • After the cutscene, a new group of enemies will appear which is an Unknown Entity. These enemies resist Thunder-based attacks and are weak to ice-based attacks which rapidly fills its stagger gauge. This is quite a long fight since there's gonna be a lot of them here.
    • In the middle of the battle, you will automatically switch to Tifa so that you can close the ducts. You will have to head to the higher platform and the boss: Failed Experiment will appear.
    • You will now have to fight and defeat the boss as Tifa and Barret. Successfully defeating it will reward you with 950 Gil, 5 SP, and a new weapon for Tifa, a pair of Mythril Claws - Cloud will show up shortly after you've killed it.
  • Beyond the Fracture 
    • After the cutscene, you'll still take control of Barret since you'll need to destroy the wall ahead. After destroying the wall, another cutscene will trigger.
  • Return
    • The team will be back on the surface of Sector 7 Slums once they've recovered. Still playing as Barret, head to the marked objective while carrying Wedge and head to safety. This completes Chapter 13.



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