Warding Materia

Type Support Materia
Grants Grants resistance to the linked materia's status ailment.

Warding Materia is a Materia in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Warding Materia grants resistance to the linked materia's status ailment Materia is a type of equipment that can be slotted into Weapons and Armor and provide Spells or Bonuses that Characters can use.


Warding Materia Information

  • Grants resistance to the linked materia's status ailment.
  • Works with poison, time, bind, and subversion materia.
  • Warding Materia Progression:
    • 1 Star: Reduce debuff duration by 25%
    • 2 Star: Reduce debuff duration by 50%
    • 3 Star: Reduce debuff duration by 100%


How to acquire Warding Materia

  • Can be purchased from:
    • NPC
  • Dropped at:
    • Location
  • Acquired from Quest:
    • Chapter 10: Rough Waters during the part named to the Sector 7 Slums: When you reach the second split area after you climb down another ladder, head to the north section on the map where you'll find a Warding Materia.
    • Chapter 13: A Broken World during the part of the quest named Finding Wedge: In an area where you go up some stairs and you'll find another cage door that you can destroy. Inside, you'll find a 1x Warding Materia.


Warding Materia Notes & Tips

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