Side Quests in Final Fantasy VII Remake is a category of quests that players can enlist and complete in order to obtain various rewards and to advance side plots of the game's story, each chapter features a number of side quests that are given by the various NPCs in Midgar or by completing a series of events. This page covers a full list of the many side quests of the game. To check your active and completed quests, open the map with the touchpad and press [R2] - click here to view a complete list of all the quests of the game.

Odd Jobs


The people of Midgar have everyday problems just like everyone else. hear them out and you'll receive a Quest. Press the touchpad of the PS4 controller to pen the map and [R2] to check your quests. You can tackle multiple quests at once. The more you take on, the more your fame and repute grow among the local residents. Note that quests cannot be completed once you move on to the next chapter.

Tracking Objectives

Quest Objectives


Track your objectives using the tracker or minimap. These icons represent quest objectives.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Side Quests


Chapter 3: Home Sweet Slum



Chapter 8: Budding Bodyguard



Chapter 9: The Town that Never Sleeps


Chapter 14: In Search of Hope




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