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Bahamut is a Summon in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Bahamut, the Wyrm Tyrant that soars on the wings of night, also known as the king of dragons. In the remake, summons are called and will fight by your side, they cannot be controlled but if the player's ATB gauge fills, they can use it to issue the summon to use one of its abilities. Once the summon's gauge is depleted, they will unleash their signature or ultimate attack before disappearing from the battlefield.


The Wyrm Tyrant that soars on the wings of night. Bahamut, also known as the king of dragons.


Bahamut Information

A non-elemental entity capable of unspeakable destruction. Regarded as a symbol of might since the time of the Ancients, this winged king of dragons is often worshipped in times of war.


Bahamut Skills

Players can issue a command for a summon to use an ability once the ATB gauge is filled.

  • Umbal Inferno: Fire countless homing lasers at an enemy. Deals increased damage with Umbral Aura active.
  • Umbral Strikes: Strike enemy with twin orbs of concentrated energy. Deals increased damage with Umbral Aura active.


Bahamut Signature Attack

Once the summon gauge is depleted, a summon will execute its signature attack that inflicts a significant amount of damage before leaving the battlefield.

  • Megaflare: Ultimate attack where Bahamut shoots a ball of energy from its mouth that explodes over the enemies, dealing heavy non-elemental magic damage.


How to Get Bahamut


Bahamut Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Staggering him before he finishes his countdown will reset the countdown. If you didn’t stagger him he will cast Megaflare after counting down to „One“. Megaflare is an insanely strong move and may kill your entire party. If you can’t stagger Bahamut before Megaflare: tank it with Barret. He should have high Hp and good physical and magical defense. Cast Manawall on him during the entire battle or Manaward (Megaflare is a magic move) when Bahamut is down to One. I focused on physical defense and Megalflare did around 4500 dmg for me. I could easily revive Cloud and Tifa right after the attack. If you still get killed try focusing on magical defense.

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