Chocobo and Moogle

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Materia Chocobo & Moogle Materia

Chocobo and Moogle is a Summon in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Chocobo and Moogle is a non-elemental summon who is capable of inflicting strong fast and strong non-elemental attacks. In the remake, summons are called and will fight by your side, they cannot be controlled but if the player's ATB gauge fills, they can use it to issue the summon to use one of its abilities. Once the summon's gauge is depleted, they will unleash their signature or ultimate attack before disappearing from the battlefield.


A Moogle riding a Chocobo, a dynamic duo. What more can you ask for? Its special move is Stampede which calls out a herd of Chocobos ready to run down its enemies.


Chocobo and Moogle Information

Chocobo and Moogle, originally known as Choco/Mog, made its first appearance as a summon materia in the original Final Fantasy VII, now, Chocobo and Moogle make its way back as a summon materia in the remake. What else is there to talk about and to ask for? It's a duo filled with cuteness where we see a Moogle riding the all-time favorite large avian creatures called the Chocobo. This duo can conjure non-elemental skills and eventually finishes off with an unusual signature attack that involves... more Chocobos!


Chocobo and Moogle Skills

Players can issue a command for a summon to use an ability once the ATB gauge is filled.

  • Chocobo & Moogle's Blast


Chocobo and Moogle Signature Attack

Once the summon gauge is depleted, a summon will execute its signature attack that inflicts a significant amount of damage before leaving the battlefield.

  • Stampede: Summons a herd of Chocobos that runs down the enemy, inflicting multiple physical damages.


How to Get Chocobo and Moogle

  • Obtain the Chocobo & Moogle Materia.
  • Where to obtain the materia: Chapter 6: Light the Way
  • Location: Sector 4 - Plate Interior, Plate Upper Level 
  • You'll have to turn off two additional sun lamps in the second section of the area. Once you've turned off the lamps, return to the elevator and take the lift to the right side of it. Next, deactivate the fans, and within the time limit, kill all the enemies and activate the second terminal to open the door where you'll find this summon materia.


Chocobo and Moogle Notes & Tips

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