Barrier (Spell)

Halve physical damage taken
Element ???
MP Cost 11
Materia Barrier Materia

Barrier (Spell) is a magical spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Barrier (Spell) halves the physical damage taken. Grants the Barrier (barrier_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp) status effect.  In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, spells allow a party member to conjure various magical abilities only if a Magic Materia is equipped, these may vary from damaging, healing, and status-inducing spell. Conjuring a spell costs mana and requires a segment of the ATB bar.


Barrier (Spell) Information


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Barrier (Spell) Notes & Tips

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      What is Manaward compared to Manawall? Ask the game gives limited information regarding the effects of each upgrade, I recommend getting more specific so people who look it up, like myself, don't have to go somewhere else for that information.

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