Halt all movement and actions.
Element N/A
MP Cost 14
Materia Time Materia

Stop is a magical spell in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Stop Halt all movement and actions.. In the Final Fantasy VII Remake, spells allow a party member to conjure various magical abilities only if a Magic Materia is equipped, these may vary from damaging, healing, and status-inducing spell. Conjuring a spell costs mana and requires a segment of the ATB bar.


Stop Information

  • Element: N/A
  • Spell Type: Support
  • MP Cost: 14
  • Materia: Time Materia


How to acquire Stop



Stop Notes & Tips

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  • ??



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      Imagine having a single useful information on any materia, Like how long is the duration. Is it worth the high mp cost to use. What about bio, does it do %dmg. is it based of enemy hp, is it based on my magic?. Questions over Questions and borderline simple explanations on the wiki, as if we didnt have enough simple tutorials after playing the remake..

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