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Ramuh is a Summon in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Ramuh is the newest addition to list of Summons, and is added in the DLC, Episode INTERmission. Ramuh is a summon being who is capable of manipulating thunder and lightning. Ramuh appears as a towering old man, doning a long white and blue robe, and carries a large staff. In the remake, summons are called and will fight by your side, they cannot be controlled but if the player's ATB gauge fills, they can use it to issue the summon to use one of its abilities. Once the summon's gauge is depleted, they will unleash their signature or ultimate attack before disappearing from the battlefield.


An ancient, ageless mage bearing the dazzling power of lightning.


Ramuh Information

Ramuh is a popular and recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. Hee is an lightning-elemental summon capable of conjuring lightning and thunder based skills and attacks. Ramuh is also known as "Indra" and throughout the series, wields a large staff that he uses to reign down lightning, appears as a large towering old man who wears a long flowiong robe and donned a very long beard.


This Lord of Levin can strike down enemies with thunderbolts, and it is said he once cast judgement on those deemed wicked with his thunder. He willing be joining this episode to aid players with his thunderous skills including Voltaic Lance to hit nearby enemies for short period of time and his ultimate attack Judgement Bolt, casting a brilliant storm on the battlefield.


Ramuh Skills

Players can issue a command for a summon to use an ability once the ATB gauge is filled.

  • Ramuh Skill 1
  • Ramuh Skill 2


Ramuh Signature Attack

Once the summon gauge is depleted, a summon will execute its signature attack that inflicts a significant amount of damage before leaving the battlefield.

  • Judgement Bolt: Description TBA


How to Get Ramuh

Where to Find the Ramuh Materia


How to Beat Ramuh

  • The questt, Chadley's Research becomes available during Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest, upon arriving at Sector 7 Slums and after meeting the AVALANCHE members as Yuffie Kisaragi.
  • First thing to note is that Ramuh is strong against Lightning and Ice attacks and is weak to Aero-based spells and attacks.
  • You can try your luck with trying to defeat Ramuh on your own, but its best to have Sonon Kusakabe with you, as well as having the Elemental Materia equipped together with the Lightning Materia in your Yuffie's armor so that she can withstand  Ramuih's lightning attack.
  • Since Ramuh will always try to lay out lightning bolts around him, better to keep your distance and avoid the lighting bolts since it can stun you for a short while if you get hit.
  • Ramuh also likes to teleport right next to Yuffie after every attack. It's best to have the Deadly Dodge Materia equipped so that you can quickly dodge if whenever he teleports.
  • Another good tactic is to have Yuffie's ability, Brumal Form ready and slotted in your shortcut command so that you can quickly dodge the lighting bolts. Always keep your guard up and try to time your blocks at the right moment so that Yuffie briefly becomes immune to Ramuh's attacks.
  • Ramuh is weak to wind, so have Yuffie throw her shuriken and use Elemental Ninjutsu > Wind Ninjutsu, this way you can punish and try to fill up Ramuh's stagger bar quickly by exploting his weakness.
  • Banishment is also recommended to have her ability in the shortcut command. Since if you choose the Wind Ninjustu upon activating Elemental Ninjutsu, you can try to increase the Banishment Level to Lvl. III and activating it will unleash a strong aero-based magic attack.
  • As for Sonon, have him equip the Prayer Materia and have the Healing Materia with him so he can provide support when you issue commands. Yuffie should also have a Healing Materia equipped so that you can have sustainability.
  • You want to watch out for Ramuh's ultimate attack, Judgement Bolt, DO NOT ALLOW HIM TO CAST THIS ULTIMATE BECAUSE IT'S AN INSTA-DEATH MOVE. Since you're in the battle for quite a while here and you will pretty much get hit by Ramuh multiple times, Yuffie's limit break becomes available by the time Ramuh channels Judgement Bolt. When this happens, quickly use Yuffie's Limit Break so that you can temporarily interrupt this deadly move.
  • If you fail to do so, with the Elemental Materia equipped together with the Lightning Materia, hopefully, Yuffie can at least withstand this attack.
  • Successfully defeating Ramuh rewards you with the Ramuh Materia, allowing you to summon him when the Summon Command is available. Apart from that, you also get some EXP and AP.


Ramuh Notes & Tips

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