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Shiva is a Summon in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shiva is an ice-elemental summon who is capable of inflicting strong ice attacks, especially to enemies who are vulnerable to ice. In the remake, summons are called and will fight by your side, they cannot be controlled but if the player's ATB gauge fills, they can use it to issue the summon to use one of its abilities. Once the summon's gauge is depleted, they will unleash their signature or ultimate attack before disappearing from the battlefield.


The empress of ice, wreathed in frost. She is known for her signature move, 'Diamond Dust', which freezes everything in an instant.


Shiva Information

Shiva is a popular and recurring summon in the Final Fantasy series. She is an ice-elemental summon capable of conjuring strong ice-based skills and attacks, she is described as the "Ice Queen" and considered as one of the friendly entities that a summoner can have. There are various appearances as to how Shiva looks in each Final Fantasy game, but in Final Fantasy VII Remake, Shiva appears as a humanoid female, pale skin, and long light blue hair that is tied in a high ponytail - she carries no weapon since she conjures magical ice spells and skills, she is fast and can fly around the battlefield graciously and effortless.


Shiva Stats

Tactical Data: Tactical data not available.

  • Weakness: fire_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp
  • Lesser Resistances: fhysical_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp
  • Immunities: silence_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpslow_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpsleep_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpstatuseffect1
  • Absorbed Elements: ice_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp
  • Encountered in: Combat Simulator


Shiva Skills

Players can issue a command for a summon to use an ability once the ATB gauge is filled.


Shiva Signature Attack

Once the summon gauge is depleted, a summon will execute its signature attack that inflicts a significant amount of damage before leaving the battlefield.

  • Diamond Dust: Shiva encases enemies in ice and then shatters them.


How to Get Shiva


Shiva Notes & Tips

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