Location Train Graveyard
Weakness ice_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp
Lesser Resistances fhysical_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xp
Immunities silence_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpslow_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpsleep_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpstatuseffect1
Reward/s ??EXP
1200 GIL
Echo Mist
Bladed Staff

Eligor is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Boss short description. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Tactical Data: When is in the air, hit it with wind attacks to rapidly fill its stagger gauge. Unleash a leaping attack  to knock it down to the ground


Eligor Location



Eligor Rewards

  • ??EXP
  • 1200 GIL
  • Items Dropped:


Eligor Abilities

Enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake have unique abilities apart from their basic attacks. Players can identify if an enemy is about to use one of its abilities when the name of the ability appears above the enemy's name.



Eligor Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Eligor is a ghostly chariot who is particularly weak against Ice. Both Blizzard and the Shiva summon materia are just about all you can use to deal with this ghastly creature, since your physical attacks won't do much damage. Keep a safe range from Eligor's Piercing Gaze laser attack, and be cautious of his charging attacks, which he'll use to try to close the distance. If he gets too close, pummel him with Cloud's Deadly Dodge and Punisher Mode attacks. You can also unleash Tifa's Unbridled Strength while you're at it.

After a while, Eligor will fly in the air and out or range from physical attacks. Aerith's regular attacks can help maintain damage when this happens, but you'll probably want to use Pray and Healing Wind to top off your party's HP. Once Eligor comes back down, he'll start throwing javelins at you, so dodge away and hide behind the cargo container in the room until it's destroyed.

The final phase of the fight highlights Eligor's final weakness: his chariot's wheels. Go to town on them, and you should eventually stagger Eligor.

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
No Fases
The fight will start when some ghosts take Aerith with them. First start attacking the Eligor using Cloud and use his Fire and Ice elemental attack which will do most of the damage.
When it’s health is 1/3rd it will be staggered and the horse will fall down This is the time to take on Eligor and chip on his health as much as you can, so attack him with all the characters and every strong attack you have.
Then it will stand up again and this time, even more enraged. First, it will attack you on the ground but when it has half the health left it will start flying. When your summon bar is full we recommend you summon Blizzard or Shiva. Shiva will be the most effective here as her Ice attacks will do much more damage.
Summon Shiva and keep using the aerial attacks from Aeritha and Tifa but also keep a safe distance from him as his charging attacks can give you a lot of damage.
If Eligor gets close Use Cloud’s dodge and punisher mode attacks, and Tifa’s unbridled strength. Keep a healing spell like Cura handy in case you get into trouble.
When Eligor is in the air you will face many airborne attacks and throw javelins. Use Aerith’s simple attacks to keep chipping away on his health. 
When he comes back on the ground the final phase of the battle will start which is to focus and attack Eligor‘s wheels. Focus all your attacks on one wheel and it will come off after some time. Now Eligor will be staggered and the horse will fall down.
this is basically the final moment of the battle because he is not coming up again as long as you do your job and throw everything all of your characters have on him at that moment.
When the horse is down Attack Eligor with everything and you will be able to defeat him.



Eligor Lore

A ghastly fiend that haunts the train graveyard and feeds on human fear to grow stronger. It is a manifestation of the memories and sorrows that linger in the train graveyard.

Eligor Notes & Trivia

  • When it is in the air, hit it with wind attacks to rapidly fill its stagger gauge. Unleash a leaping attack to knock it down to the ground.



Eligor Image Gallery

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