Security Officer

Type Grounded Class Human
Weak Fire Immune ??
Resists (s)
?? Resists (L) ??
Absorbs ??  
9 EXP, __ap__ AP, 4 Gil Drops PotionGrenade
Found Abilities
Mako Reactor 1
Upper Sector 8
Sector 7 Slums 
Mako Reactor 5 
Sector 5 Slums
fhysical_icon_final_fantasy_vii_remake_wiki_guide_75xpBurst Fire

Security Officer is a Grounded Human Enemy in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Enemies have their own behavior and unique attacks, killing enemies provide various drops that reward players with items and Gil they will need as they continue to progress through the game.


Troopers belonging to Shinra's Public Security Division. Typically seen patrolling the city streets and company installations. Many are new recruites with little training. Though they are not seasoned fighters, they do now a variety of different attacks.


Security Officer Information

Tactical Data: Though they are not seasoned fighters, they do know a variety of different attacks.

  • HP: ??
  • Rewards:
    • Exp: 9
    • AP: __ap__
    • Gil: 4
  • Items Dropped:


Security Officer Abilities

Enemies in Final Fantasy VII Remake have unique abilities apart from their basic attacks. Players can identify if an enemy is about to use one of its abilities when the Security Officer of the ability appears above the enemy's Security Officer.

  • Ability Security Officer:
    • Grenade: Throws a grenade that explodes on impact. The blast radius can also damage multiple targets that are within the blast radius.
    • Burst Fire: Shoots a barrage of bullets in rapid succession.


Security Officer Battle Information

Though they are not seasoned fighter, they do know a variety of different attacks.


Security Officer Location


Security Officer Notes & Tips

  • Other Notes, Tips, and Trivia
  • ??



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