Chapter 2: Covert Ops

chapter 2 covert ops intermission main quest final fantasy 7 remake wiki guide
Quest Type INTERmission Quest (Main)
Location Shinra Building - Entrance
Boss Nero
Scarlet (The Crimson Mare)
Reward/s EXP, GIL, Items
Prev. Quest: Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest
Next Quest: n/a

Chapter 2: Covert Ops is a Main Scenario INTERmission Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. INTERmission Quests are exclusively for the Episode INTERmision DLC that's been released along with the upgraded PS5 version of the original game, Intergrade. Players will need to own the Intergrade version in order to play the INTERmission DLC.


Yuffie and Sonon arrive at the entrance to the Shinra Building to find it packed with reporters following the lastest reactor bombing. After slipping through the crowd, the pair use their counterfeit employee IDs and make for the basement, where Shinra's ultimate materia awaits.


Chapter 2: Covert Ops Related NPCs



Chapter 2: Covert Ops Enemies



Chapter 2: Covert Ops Items

  • Phoenix Down
  • Antidote
  • Hi-Potion
  • Ninja Cannonball Materia
  • Steadfast Block Materia
  • Skill Master Materia
  • Ether
  • Djinn Staff
  • ATB Assist Materia
  • ATB Boost Materia
  • ATB Stagger Materia



Chapter 2: Covert Ops Objectives

  • Scarlet's Trap
  • Find That Materia
  • The Scent of Materia



Chapter 2: Covert Ops Walkthrough

Scarlet's Trap

  • Chapter 2 formally begins once you speak to the conductor at the train station of Sector 7 Slums and board the train. You'll arrive at Shinra Building as Yuffie who is accompanied by Sonon and eventually start off at B16 - Advanced Weaponry: Inspetion where Scarlet traps the two.
  • Upon gaining control of Yuffie, head straight and then right where you'll find a bench to rest and a vending machine to stock up on items if you need. Continue through the hall until you reach a large room. Look up and you'll find some Shinra boxes to destroy and acquire items such as Phoenix Down, Antidote, and Hi-Potion.
  • Walk to the center and a hologram of Scarlet will appear, shortly after, enemies will appear. Make sure you have the Lightning Materia equipped so that you can unleash lightning-based attacks and have Yuffie switch to Lightniing Ninjutsu. Best to have Ramuh prepared for summon later on as well.
  • First batch of enemies will be Slug-Ray and Sweeper. Quickly take out the Slug-Ray first so that you can focus on the Sweeper. Next enemy that will appear is a Monodrive, and then more Slug-Ray and Shock-Ray.
  • This will be the last batch of enemies, Scarlet's hologram reappears and after the conversation, on the right, aim for the hook holding the crate so you can see a ladder, approach it with Sonon and he'll give you a boost. Hit the button next to the ladder to bring it down so that Sonon can climb up - go to the next section of the facility and another cutscene will trigger.

Find that Materia

  • After the cutscene, break the Shinra boxes to your left and continue forward into B-15 Advanced Weaponry: Production where you'll encounter x2 Shock Trooper. Defeat the enemies and then break the Shinra boxes first on the right side to acquire a Phoenix Down and an Antidote, then go left.
  • Head up the small set of steps and you'll find more Shinra boxes to break. Go around the platform, break the boxes and then interact with the panel at the center. You'll then find a special materia behind you. Pick it up to acquire the Ninja Cannonball Materia. After grabbing the materia, interact with the panel of the lift on the right side.
  • Next to the locked lift, on the right side of it, you can grab a Steadfast Block Materia. Go back around to the opposite side to find a Skill Master Materia in the capsule.
  • After grabbing all three materia, return to the panel that's on the center of the room and jump onto the large mechanisms on the right side of it. You'll find a wall that you can cling and run onto. Climb to the top to reach B14 - Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance.

The Scent of Materia

  • Continue forward through the pipes and look to your right and go through the door. On the other side, there's a chest that you can find on the left where you can pick up a Volant Armlet. Go back down and enter the next room where you'll encounter x2 3-C SOLDIER Operator. Defeat the enemies and before moving forward, destroy the nearby boxes to find items such as Hi-Potion.
  • Next, go up the nearby steps and around the platform to reach the other end where you'll find hanging hooks that you can hang onto and swing to reach the opposite side. Swing across and you'll encounter an elite enemy, an Armored Magitrooper. Defeating this enemy yields 219 Gil, 427 EXP, 8 AP, and a bottle of Ether.
  • Next, go through the door on the left side and in the next small room you'll find a weapon chest containing a Djinn Staff for Sonon. Go inside the next room and interact with the panel that's at the center to turn on the Power Grid.
  • The door will then unlock behind you and you'll unlock a Discovery Quest: Secret Vault. Interact with the panel on the right side and then partake in the basic training program on your own as Yuffie.
  • Hitting 5000 will grant the ATB Assist Materia, 10000 rewards an ATB Boost Materia, while 20000 gives the ATB Stagger Materia. If you hit 20k in your first run, you'll get all three materia. Your objective is to destroy Shinra boxes as much as you can, it's similar to the mini-game Cloud had which is Whack-a-Box in the Sector 5 Slums.
  • After completing the mini-challenge, go back outside and jump onto the large mechanism pipe next to the panel at the center of the room. Wall run onto the railings and climb to the top just like earlier to reach B13-Advanced Weaponry: Development -a short cutscene will then trigger.

The Hunt Continues

  • After the cutscene, you need to bring the metal bridge down so you can cross. Go around the side so you can hit the hook. Before crossing the new path straight ahead, take a quick left along the pipe and grab the Healing Carcanet from the chest on the raised platform. Then go back to the beam and walk across the narrow beam, and then swing across by using the hook - go through the door and you'll encounter x2 Security Officer and x1 Elite Grenadier.
  • Before leaving the room, make sure to destroy the Shinra boxes laying around to grab some Mako shards to replenish your MP. The path moving forward is pretty linear until you reach Scarlet's "office" where she makes tests of the special "Materia"
  • If you need to replenish your HP and MP, you can sit on the scarlet chair. Next,  go towards the path on the right and interact with the panel to activate the Level 3 Power Grid. Now go back to the previous room where the special Materia is - a cutscene will trigger upon approaching it.
  • You'll then be ambushed by two mech enemies, an Armored Shock Trooper and an Armored Magitrooper. Defeat both enemies and another cutscene will trigger. You'll now go through the door on the left, but before going, make sure to rest on the scarlet chair to recover HP and MP.

The Invitation

  • The path here again is pretty linear. Go straight and when you reach the Testing Grounds room, you'll find another bench to rest and a vending machine to restock on items. If you're ready, approach the platform elevator and ride it to reach the bottom level.
  • Be ready since you'll be fighting a gauntlet of enemies here. First batch will be x2 Sweeper enemies. You'll basically be given an option on the type of enemies you want to fight before going onto the next level.
  • Next, you can try to fight x2 Blast-Ray enemies followed by a large group of Monodrive. The next trial, you can choose to fight x2 Armored Magitrooper and an Enhanced Magitrooper.  It all depends on how you manage your tactics in fighting, and item management to sustain your survivability. Once you reach the final trial, you will only have one option to choose for the next fight.
  • The final trial is against a Deathwheel. The Deathwheel is resistant to Lightning, but weak to Fire, Ice, and Wind. Before this fight, change from lightning to a different element so that you can strike the Deathwheel with it's weaknesses.
  • Just make sure you have the Lightning Materia equipped and use lightning based attacks since most of the enemies here are weak to lightning. After defeating the last enemy in the last trial,  approach the lift and ride it to reach the top.

A Fateful Confrontation

  • At the top, you'll find another bench and vending machine to use. Make sure to rest and stock up on items, as well as upgrading your Weapons and slotting your best Materia or build. Note: Equip the Ramuh Materia, you'll need it.
  • When you're ready, head through the door to trigger another cutscene and to fight a boss, against Scarlet (The Crimson Mare)

How to Beat Scarlet (The Crimson Mare)

  • You can read our full guide here on how to defeat her. Scarlet is weak to Fire, and The Crimson Mare is weak to Lightning, with a lesser resistance to Fire.
  • Scarlet and her Crimson Mare are fairly mobile enemies, capable of executing a variety attacks from different ranges. Prioritize damaging Scarlet whenever targetable, as she will faint when her HP is depleted, preventing her from piloting the battle armor. This leaves the unoperated Crimson Mare in a standstill, vulnerable to all attacks for a significant amount of time. Whenever sufficient damage has been dealt to the battle armor, Scarlet and the Crimson Mare will leap back onto the charging pod, upgrading the weapons attached to its arms before jumping back into battle.
  • This upgrading process will occur 3 times throughout the fight, resulting in a total of three different weapons for the Crimson Mare to swap between - the double gauntlet-blades, the double Makocannons, and the Claymore + Shield. All of these attachments are targetable units that have a separate health bar. Similar to the stagger effect and incapacitating Scarlet herself, destroying these attachments will also disable the battle armor for a period of time.
  • Additionally, stripping the battle armor of these lethal tools will enable the player to have a much easier time surviving while damaging Scarlet or the armor itself. Remember to alternate between ranged attacks and melee attacks based on the Crimson Mare's different attachments (use melee attacks against range weaponries and ranged against melee).
  • Take note that throughout the battle, Scarlet will periodically summon immobile Sentry Rays and Sentry Launchers around the arena to bombard Yuffie with AOE attacks, such as lasers and tracking missiles. These attacks will ceaselessly fire from all directions. easily overwhelming the player.
  • Utilizing Sonon as a distraction to occupy Scarlet while Yuffie takes down these Sentry units with her ranged attacks are an effective counter. With so many different factors to manage in this boss fight, the order of targets to be prioritized first goes as follows: Sentry Launchers > Sentry Rays> Battle Armor Attachments > Scarlet > The Crimson Mare.

A New Threat

  • After the battle with Scarlet, make haste and follow the waypoint to regroup with Sonon where you'll fight against x3 Deepground SOLDIER. After the battle, you'll be locked in the Combat Simulator Prototype room. There's a bench and vending machine here that you can use. Tip, USE THE BENCH BEFORE YOU CONTINUE FORWARD.
  • When you're ready, approach the door where the waypoint is and interact with the switch to trigger another cutscene. Shortly after, you'll then fight another group of enemies, first off x2 Unknown Entity that are weak to Ice. Next batch is x2 Zenene, followed by x1 Elite Grenadier along with x2 Riot Trooper.
  • And finally a Projector mech will appear and summon a Diabolic Creation. Ignore the Projector first since all your attacks will be nullified, so you have to take out the Diabolic Creation first. This one is quite a long fight since the Projector has quite a lot of HP. After you try to stagger it, when it recovers, it will project another Diabolic Creation - after the battle, make sure to use the bench and vending machine again to recover HP, your MP, and to restock on items.


  • When you're done. approach the switch of the door to exit. Again, you have to prepare again before moving forward because you'll fight another boss, which is Nero. You can find our guide on how to defeat this boss by clicking the previous link. Defeating Nero finishes and ends the DLC chapter of Yuffie, Episode INTERmission.
  • You can then play NG+ for this DLC where you can try to play the whole two chapters in Hard Mode and all your progress with character level, materia level, weapon upgrades, and items will be carried over.



Chapter 2: Covert Ops Notes & Tips

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