Mastering Fort Condor

Quest Type Discovery Quest
Location Sector 7 Slums
Related Chapter Episode INTERmission
Reward/s 10000 Gil
Condor Coin
AP UP Materia

Mastering Fort Condor is a Discovery Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Discovery Quests are optional but provide rewards when completed. This quest is only available with the DLCEpisode INTERmission.


Mastering Fort Condor Related NPCs & Characters



Mastering Fort Condor Objectives

Rise up the ranks and defeat the Fort Condor grandmaster to receive both money and materia.

  1. Defeat Rank 1 Challengers
  2. Defeat Rank 2 Challengers
  3. Defeat the Rank 3 Challenger
  4. Defeat the Fort Condor Grandmaster (Rank 4)



Mastering Fort Condor Walkthrough

This only becomes available after you defeat Polk in your very first game of Fort Condor and once you scout Sector 7 Slums during Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest of the DLCEpisode INTERmission. You start by challenging Rank 1 contendors, Johnny, Kyrie, and a Shinra Middle Manager and work your way to the top until you can challenge the Grandmaster (Rank 4).

All Fort Condor challengers are in Sector 7 Slums, just look at the map to find their location, it's the ones with number icons. Defeating each challegner rewards you with a unit and Condor Coins that you can use to purchase items from the Old Snapper. The Old Snapper sells boards and units that you can use in Fort Condor.

What we would suggest is to ignore them first and progress Chapter 1 where you try to chase after Zhije and save him through the "Pillar". When you get the objective to "Double Back", you'll eventually encounter a group of Toxirat enemies. After defeating them, go up the steps on the left side and you'll find a chest where you can acquire the Assassin Board III. You want to have this before challenging Kyrie and the rest of the challengers because it gives you an advantage of starting ATB and you'll have more units to deploy.


Rank 1 Challengers

For Rank 1, you'll need to defeat Johnny, Kyrie, and a Shinra Middle Manager. Out of all the three Kyrie is the one you want to challenge last. The easiest to beat is the Shinra Middle Manager, followed by Johnny. Take note that you need to pay Kyrie 3 Gil to challenge her. Defeating all three Rank 1 Challengers rewards you with the Assassin Board I.

Shinra Middle Manager


Defeating the Shinra Middle Manager yields x2 Condor Coin and x1 Elite Grenadier (Ranged) unit. Have more Vanguard units and a balance of Ranged and Defense units, this is quite easy since he only has a few units that he will use. But be careful of his Haste spell.




Defeating Johnny rewards you with x2 Condor Coin, and x1 Elite Riot Trooper (Defense) unit. Before starting the battle, make sure you have a balance between Ranged and Vanguard units since he will be using Defense and Ranged units. Defense units are weak against Ranged, while Ranged units are weak against Vanguard units.




Kyrie can be a bit tricky since she starts off with a lot of ATB, she has a total of 6 units and has spells ready. So its best you have the Assassin Board III and have more units ready to be deployed. Its also best to have units that have low ATB cost so you can keep summoning on the field. Kyrie will use more Defense units, so have a bunch of Ranged units in your loadout to counter her. Defeating her rewards you with x2 Condor Coin and x1 Elite Security Officer (Vanguard).


Rank 2 Challengers

As soon as you defeat all three Rank 1 Challengers, you'll rank up and be able to challenge contenders on Rank 2. There are only two and those are Jessie and Roche. Jessie can be found sitting outside the Seventh Heaven bar, while Roche is outside of the town, near the entrance of the old Talagger Factory and the notice board. First off you want to challenge is Jessie, followed by Roche. And againm use the Assassin Board III to be able to have more units in your loadout as well as more ATB charges. Beating both Jessie and Roche rewards you with the Battalion Board II.



Jessie has a barracks ranged unit which allows her to spawn ranged units continuously after a period of time or destroying the barracks unit. So what you want to do in order to counter her is bring as much as attacks units that have low ATB cost and have at least one strong one to counter the Sweeper unit. As well as have two to three ranged units to counter some of her defense units. Defeating her rewards you with x3 Condor Coin and x1 Grendaier Barracks (Ranged).




Roche only has a few units but his units are quite strong and he has a lot of spells such as Slow which briefly stops the movement of your units. You need to bring more Defense and Attack units to your loadout. And have two strong Ranged units, since you have the Grendaier Barracks (Ranged) from beating Jessie, use it to counter the MOTH unit of Roche. Defeating him rewards you with x3 Condor Coin and x1 Elite Helitrooper (Vanguard).


Rank 3 Master - Wedge


You'll be able to challenge the Master rank upon defeating Roche and Jessie. And that is Wedge. He can be found at the Southeast side of the map, sitting outside of his house. Challenging Wedge is a bit hard because he has a strong Defense unit and has a lot of defensive/support spells such as protect, barrier, and heal. What you need to bring is more ranged units, have your Grendaier Barracks (Ranged) in your loadout to counter his strong defense units and have a couple of Vanguard units to quickly take out his ranged units. Having low cost ATB units will allow you to sustain and protect your base. If you can at least take down one of his base and just try to survive until the timer reaches zero, then you'll win - defeating him yields x1 Condor Coin and x1 Armored Shock Trooper (Defense), as well as the Battalion Board III.


Rank 4 Grandmaster - Chadley


The Grandmaster of Fort Condor is non other than Chadley. To beat him, have more Ranged units and a balance between Defense and Vanguard units. Chadley will have three different barracks for each unit category, one for Vanguard, one for Defense, and one for Ranged. He also has a set of spells ready. The way to counter him is to have more units in your loadout, have at least one defense and ranged barracks ready too so you can keep deploying units for a period of time. Your goal is to at least take out one of his units in his base and just hold the line without any of your units destroyed and until the timer reaches zero. Defeating him grants x1 AP Up Materia, 10,000 Gil, x4 Condor Coin, and unlocks the Game Set Master Trophy.



Mastering Fort Condor Notes & Tips

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