Location Deepground - Shinra Electric Power Company
Weakness N/A

4,500  EXP
1,500 GIL

10 AP

Nero is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Nero is a dangerous Shinra test subject capable of manipulating dark matter to invoke mass destruction. He is the final boss exclusively encountered in the DLC - Episode INTERmission. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


Nero Location



Nero Rewards

  • 4,500 EXP
  • 1,500 GIL
  • 10 AP




Nero Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Nero is by far the toughest opponent the duo will face in the DLC, as he can perform numerous types of attacks, and is immune to all forms of Spells/effects. The fight against him can be broken down into 3 phases, divided up by cutscenes in between. Depleting his health up to certain thresholds will progress the battle from one phase to the next. Nero fights with different attacks and unique play styles for each of the phase, so players must adjust accordingly to the volatile nature of the battle.


During the first phase of the fight, Nero will face you with only his melee attacks. These attacks are easily avoidable, especially if you use Yuffie to cast ninjutsu from a far while Sonon keeps Nero occupied. Players should still remain cautious as Nero can utilize attacks such as Pinion Pistols to interrupt foes and keep them pinned down. He is also very mobile, capable of dashing long distances and stay airborne, therefore catching the right timing of his skills and kiting around terrain is an effect strategy during this phase.


Depleting Nero's health to around 80% will unlock the second phase, moving the battle arena into the next room. At this stage Nero will begin to utilize his darkness attacks, many of which are ranged and AOE attacks. It is important to remain mobile throughout the fight to avoid these high damaging AOE skills, while using ninjutsu to apply pressure. Use potions and the Cura Spell from time to time as Nero will continuously deal DoT damage to both members throughout this stage. it is crucial that you summon Ramuh as soon as he is available, as he will deal massive damage to Nero, catalyzing the progress of the fight into the final phase. 


When Nero's health bar is depleted down to around 60%, the third phase of the battle will begin. In this final phase he will unleash his full power, utilizing more powerful dark energy skill that deal massive damage, some of which are even unavoidable. At this stage, Nero's stagger meter should have filled up a considerable amount. Attempt to time your attacks during or right after he executes his skills to optimize damage and add to the stagger meter. If you notice full ATB on either characters, using their limit break skills should at least keep Nero staggered, or maybe even end the fight. Although Nero is in his strongest state during phase 3, his lowered health, filled up stagger meter, and the burst damage he will take from Ramuh's final attack are factors that players shall take advantage of to turn the tide in their favor. 


Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1
Haste: Nero briefly pauses and casts a spell on himself, speeding up his skills and movements for a short period of time.   Take the opportunity to attack from range while he is casting haste, but adjust accordingly to the sped-up versions of his skill after the spell is cast. 
Binding Talons: Nero slashes his target twice with his bionic wings.  Make sure to dodge sideways instead of rolling backwards, as the two slashes are performed in quick succession, making you vulnerable to the second hit. 
Pinion Pistols: Nero fires his pistols at his foes while he is airborne, interrupting their skills and movements.  Jump up in the air to attack him in melee or run around to avoid the shots.
Disembowel: Nero conjures dark energy blades around him and dashes down onto his target, inflicting damage in an area.   Dodge to the side once you notice Nero preparing for this attack while he is airborne. 
Eldritch Celerity: Nero performs a spinning attack with his bionic wings.  Evade this attack by dodging to the sides or jumping up and away from Nero. 
Phase 2
Sweeping Darkness: Nero crouches and performs a spinning sweep attack with scythe-like dark energy, knocking back and interrupting foes. Retreat and damage him from range while he performs this melee AOE attack. 
Chthonic Surge: Nero releases a surge dark energy in a line in front of him.  Kiting with ninjutsu from a distance should give players ample time to spot and dodge this slow moving AOE skill. 
Dark Torrent: Nero launches dark energy projectiles that twist and slither towards the target, dealing heavy damage.  Evade these projectiles as they approach your proximity, as they are not particularly fast and do not track targets very precisely. 
Umbral Shell: Nero spins while firing dark energy projectiles at his target. He generates a shield around himself that constantly pulls HP out of his targets, dealing DOT damage for a long duration.  While the projectiles can be avoided, the gradual siphoning of health is a prolonged DoT that cannot be prevented. Make use of health potions and healing spells to counteract the pressure. 
Soul Erosion: Nero grabs hold of his target in melee, then perform a series of melee attacks. He then channels dark energy to disable the target and inflict heavy burst damage at the end of the spell. (This might only occur once during phase 2) The burst damage at the end of the channel can one shot the target if he/she is not at full health. Make sure Yuffie stays back to prevent this from happening to her during the fight, and if Sonon is downed, revive him with Phoenix Down or any other means.  
Chaotic Pulsars: Nero curses three areas on the ground, dealing AOE damage before they explode upward into dark energy pillars.   Quickly run away from cursed areas when you notice them spawn below you, and continue to pressure from a distance with ninjutsu. 
Phase 3 
Spatial Shift: Nero distorts the space around him before teleporting to another nearby area.   Kite away whenever you notice the spherical spatial distortion around Nero, as this is the cue that he is about to teleport near you. 
Salvo: Nero unleashes a barrage dark orbs that fire at his target in quick succession.  These dark orbs are fired very rapidly, making dodging the only means of prevention, however the target will inevitably take some damage. Use Sonon in melee to reduce the odds of Yuffie from being targeted, and use health potions to restore health whenever possible. 
Dark Ferocity: Nero slashes his wings at his target multiple times, dealing heavy damage and knocking them back. This skill is usually a follow-up to Nero's Spatial Shift right after he teleports near his target. Successfully kiting away from the teleportation can subsequently prevent him from landing this skill; alternatively, players can evade to the sides. 
Dark Matter: Nero conjures a large orb of dark matter and smashes it onto the ground, dealing massive, unavoidable damage to all enemies in the area.  This skill is somewhat an "ultimate" attack whereby players are forced to take damage from Nero, as it only occurs once near the end of the fight during a cutscene. Though unpreventable, maintaining pressure and filling up Nero's stagger meter at this stage can even the fight. 
Wing of Fury: Nero quickly flies across the room to one of his targets.  Evade right when he approaches you to prevent successive attacks. Counter strike him after he misses.



Nero Lore

A member of an elite unit within Deepground known as the Tsviets. Also referred to as Nero the Sable. He is capable of manipulating darkness - a power born of corrupted energy -- and uses it to consume anything that stands in his way. 


Nero Notes & Trivia

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Nero Image Gallery

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