Scarlet (The Crimson Mare)

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Location Shinra Building - Advanced Weaponry Division
Weakness Fire Materia/Ailment

1400 EXP
1400 GIL

10 AP

Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Scarlet and her Crimson Mare are some of Shinra's most lethal innovations, as the battle armor is a mobile arsenal of deadly weapons. She is only encountered during the DLC - Episode INTERmissionBosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards. 


Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Location



Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Rewards

  • 1400 EXP
  • 1400 GIL
  • 10 AP




Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

Scarlet and her Crimson Mare are fairly mobile enemies, capable of executing a variety attacks from different ranges. Prioritize damaging Scarlet whenever targetable, as she will faint when her HP is depleted, preventing her from piloting the battle armor. This leaves the unoperated Crimson Mare in a standstill, vulnerable to all attacks for a significant amount of time. Whenever sufficient damage has been dealt to the battle armor, Scarlet and the Crimson Mare will leap back onto the charging pod, upgrading the weapons attached to its arms before jumping back into battle. This upgrading process will occur 3 times throughout the fight, resulting in a total of three different weaponries for the Crimson Mare to swap between - the double gauntlet-blades, the double Makocannons, and the Claymore + Shield. All of these attachments are targetable units that have a separate health bar. Similar to the stagger effect and incapacitating Scarlet herself, destroying these attachments will also disable the battle armor for a period of time. Additionally, stripping the battle armor of these lethal tools will enable the player to have a much easier time surviving while damaging Scarlet or the armor itself. Remember to alternate between ranged attacks and melee attacks based on the Crimson Mare's different attachments (use melee attacks against range weaponries and ranged against melee).


Take note that throughout the battle, Scarlet will periodically summon immobile Sentry Rays and Sentry Launchers around the arena to bombard Yuffie with AOE attacks, such as lasers and tracking missiles. These attacks will ceaselessly fire from all directions. easily overwhelming the player. Utilizing Sonon as a distraction to occupy Scarlet while Yuffie takes down these Sentry units with her ranged attacks are an effective counter. With so many different factors to manage in this boss fight, the order of targets to be prioritized first goes as follows: Sentry Launchers > Sentry Rays> Battle Armor Attachments > Scarlet > The Crimson Mare. 

Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1 (Yuffie + Sonon)
Bullet Barrage: The Crimson Mare briefly takes aim and fires at the target with its built-in machine guns installed in both arms.  Normal gun fire performed manually by Scarlet's piloting skills, these bullets do not track not deal high damage and are relatively easy to dodge. Quickly run side ways to either direction and do not run back towards the opposite direction until the shots have halted. 
Directive: Cover Fire: The Crimson Mare briefly charges its rocket boosters and ignites its gauntlet-blades, then dashes forwards while performing an X-shaped slash to the area in front.  The Crimson Mare will momentarily look up and ignite its blades before dashing forward. Stay alert when in melee range and dodge sideways when you notice the cue. This attack is often followed by Flame Spire
Flame Spire: Scarlet sparks a small area below her target to abruptly burst into flames, dealing continuous AOE damage.  Dodge away once you notice the area below Yuffie's feet ignite. Stay away from the area until the fire subsides as it will continue to deal damage for a short amount of time after the initial explosion. 
Rocket Launcher: The Crimson Mare fires a barrage of rockets at the target's location while it stands still momentarily.  Avoid the rockets with consecutive dodges to either side. Since the Crimson Mare stays still during this attack, command the character not being focused on to initiate attacks. 
Summon Sentry Launchers and Sentry Rays: Scarlet summons Sentry Rays on the ground flow and Sentry Launchers on the upper floor to bombard her target with a frenzy of laser and tracking missiles.  Use the Sonon to occupy Scarlet as much as possible while Yuffie clears these immobile units. Prioritize Sentry Launchers first as they fire tracking missiles that are difficult to evade. The key to dodging these missiles are to evade when they get near you since they only track a the approximate area around its target. Using ranged attacks against launchers and melee against rays seem to be more effective as launchers are high up on the second floor while the rays emerge from the ground floor where the battle take place. 



Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Lore

The director of Shinra's Advanced Weaponry Division. She has taken command of the battle armor she herself designed so as to torture and put an end to her unwitting test subjects. 


Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Notes & Trivia

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Scarlet (The Crimson Mare) Image Gallery

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