The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign

Quest Type Discovery Quest
Location Sector 7 Slums
Related Chapter Episode INTERmission
Reward/s Magnify Materia
Turtle Tastic Trophy

The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign is a Discovery Quest in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Discovery Quests are optional but provide rewards when completed. This quest is only available with the DLCEpisode INTERmission.


The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign Related NPCs & Characters



The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign Objectives

Of the six Happy Turtle Flyers you must collect, six. Old Snapper has provided the following hints as to the flyers' locations

  1. Some kids hid one somewhere
  2. Floating through the air
  3. Near Old Snapper's friends' apartment building
  4. A cat took one on Culvert Street
  5. On the town bulletin board
  6. Near the old Talagger factory



The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign Walkthrough

In this section we'll indicate the location of all 6 flyers that are scattered around Sector 7 Slums. This becomes available during Chapter 1: Wutai's Finest, upon arriving at Sector 7 Slums and after meeting the AVALANCHE members as Yuffie Kisaragi. One important note to identify the location of a flyer is you'll hear The Happy Turtle theme song playing. This quest is only available with the DLCEpisode INTERmission. Collecting all six flyers and returning them to the Old Snapper rewards the Magnify Materia and unlocks the Turtle Tastic Trophy.


Flyer 1 - Location

The first flyer can be found near the Old Snapper, it's where the kids are playing, just on the right side of the Old Snapper. You'll find a stack of boxes that's been made into a fort, just run through it and you'll find The Happy Turtle Newsletter 1 stuck on a wall. Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Flyer 1 - Image 1


Flyer 1 - Image 2


Flyer 1 - Image 3



Flyer 2 - Location

The second flyer is at the Southeast side of the map, you'll find it where you'll see a group of kids looking and pointing up in the air. You need to hit the balloon with Yuffie's shuriken, since it's blocked with a wall from the kids' position, there's a vault nearby that you can jump over and have a clear shot of the balloon. Throw the Shuriken and then go back to where the kids are, you'll find The Happy Turtle Newsletter 2 on the ground. Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Flyer 2 - Image 1


Flyer 2 - Image 2


Flyer 2 - Image 3



Flyer 3 - Location

The third flyer can be found at the Northwest side of the map. It's at the apartment building where Tifa and Cloud stays, and being run by Marle. Head up the second floor and you'll immediately see a dog that's guarding and watching at the end of the hall. You need to sneak quietly to get the flyer, when the dog wakes up, hide behind the boxes and avoid tripping or walking towards the buckets that are on the ground near the third box and the flyer. If you get caught by the dog, you start again. Bonus: after grabbing The Happy Turtle Newsletter 3, climb up the ladder at the end of the hall to find a chest. Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Flyer 3 - Image 1


Flyer 3 - Image 2


Flyer 3 - Image 3



Flyer 4 - Location

For Flyer number 4, head to the junkyard of Sector 7 Slums. Its on the north side of the map. As soon as you enter, Yuffie notices a cat running off with the flyer. Follow the cat and on the other end, you'll see other cats as well with random flyers. Now if you weren't able to spot the color of the cat, it's the one that's all brown. And you can find it behind the barrels. Simply interact with the item and you'll obtain The Happy Turtle Newsletter 4. Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Flyer 4 - Image 1


Flyer 4 - Image 2


Flyer 4 - Image 3


Flyer 4 - Image 4



Flyer 5 - Location

Flyer number 5 is easy, just head to the town's bulletin board which is located in between the town and the train station. It's east from the town on the map. Approach the bulletin board and interact with it. Yuffie will tear off the other poster to find the The Happy Turtle Newsletter 5 behind it. Click on the images below to enlarge it.

Flyer 5 - Image 1


Flyer 5 - Image 2



Flyer 6 - Location

For The Happy Turtle Newsletter 6, you can find it at the old Talagger Factory. From the bulletin board, go left to find the entrance of the factory. Fight your way through the monsters and simply follow the rock anthem of The Happy Turtle. You'll find it behind some boxes, stuck on a wall, next to a posted as indicated below. Click on the images to enlarge it.

Flyer 6 - Image 1


Flyer 6 - Image 2




The Happy Turtle Ad Campaign Notes & Tips

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