Companions in Final Fantasy VII Remake are characters of the game who joins Cloud's party in exploration and battle. As the story progresses, Cloud will encounter these companions which will allow players to choose of up two companions that will be added to the party, each companion is different and specializes in various ways in terms of roles, weapon equipment, stats, abilities, limit breaks, and more. This page covers a full list of all the companions that can be selected in the game.

Switching Characters


Switch between Characters by pressing the directional buttons. Use Cloud for his melee expertise and Barret for his long-range attacks. You can stick with the same character and issue commands to party allies by pressing the [L2] or [R2] buttons. Go to Battle Settings to choose a different playable character. Press [Triangle] to change party leaders. 

Unique Skills


Each character has a unique skill that can be unleashed by pressing the [Triangle] button. While there is not ATB cost, some abilities require time to charge.


Final Fantasy VII Remake Companions

Barret Wallace

The leader of an independent Avalanche cell in Midgar, Barret was disavowed by the old guard for his extreme methods that attracted too much attention. He subsequently came to Midgar, where he resolved to continue to pursue his vendetta against Shinra with a small but trusted group of followers. When not fighting against the corporation, he and his comrades serve in the neighborhood watch and keep the people safe─including his daughter Marlene, who he dotes on as a loving father.

Aerith Gainsborough

Aerith is a flower seller who lives in the Sector 5 slums, who first meets Cloud on the streets of Midgar after the bombing of Mako Reactor 1. Shinra has kept a close eye on her ever since she was a child, as she has the ability to hear the voice of the planet. She is often found tending a modest bed of flowers at an old church in Sector 5.

Tifa Lockhart

A loyal member of Avalanche─an underground organization opposed to Shinra─Tifa also runs Seventh Heaven, a popular bar in the Sector 7 slums. Although she bears a terrible grudge towards Shinra, she is not convinced that bombing mako reactors is the solution. As she struggled to reconcile her cause with her conscience, Tifa was reunited with her childhood friend, Cloud, for the first time in years...


Companions Abilities Table

Abilities are divided into two categories, Materia and Weapon types. Materia abilities are linked to certain materias that will be available to use by any companion or character as long as the materia is slotted into their weapon or armor. Weapon abilities, on the other hand, are abilities that are specifically linked or attached to each companion's unique weapon. Each weapon such as staves, gun-arms, knuckles, and broadswords can only be equipped by specific characters. Various weapon abilities can only be used if the character has the specific weapon equipped, however, when its weapon proficiency is maxed out, you'll permanently learn the ability, allowing you to use it without having the weapon equipped. Using abilities require a certain number of segment/s from the ATB gauge. This table lists all of the weapon abilities for each companion

Name Ability Name Ability Effect Related Weapon Ability Proficiency Bonus
Aerith Arcane Ward Conjure a ward. Attack spells cast within the ward will automatically be cast twice. Guard Stick Conjure a ward (one time only during activation).
Aerith Fleeting Familiar Summon a fairy that attacks your enemies periodically as well as after you use abilities and spells Arcane Scepter Unleash a consecutive attack of an ability or spell (one time only during activation).
Aerith Lustrous Shield ?? ?? ??
Aerith Ray of Judgement ?? ?? ??
Aerith Sorcerous Storm Deal magic damage to nearby enemies. Silver Staff Strike three or more enemies.
Barret Steelskin Temporarily reduce damage taken and how easily you are interrupted. ?? ??
Barret Focused Shot Consume all ATB charges to unleash a concentrated burst of energy. Significantly increases stagger. Gatling Gun Stagger an enemy.
Barret Lifesaver Take damage intended for other party members. Light Machine Gun Restore an ally's HP (one time only during activation).
Tifa Unbridled Strength Increases chi level to unleash stronger skills. ?? ??
Tifa Divekick Leap into the air and unleash a powerful kick. Leather Gloves Finish off an enemy.
Tifa Overpower Use in conjunction with basic attacks to more effectively pressure enemies Metal Knuckles Follow up with a basic attack combo after using the weapon ability.
Tifa Starshower ?? ?? ??
Tifa True Strike ?? ?? ??
Tifa Focused Strike Evade, then unleash a charging attack. Moderately increases stagger. Sonic Strikers Stagger an enemy.

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