Maiden's Kiss

Effect: Removes toad-related curses
Item Type: Consumable
Purchase Value: ???Gil
Sell Value: ???Gil

Maiden's Kiss is a Consumable Item in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Maiden's Kiss Removes toad-related curses. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of battle, using a consumable item grants various effects such as restorative properties, elemental attacks, and temporary buffs to the characters, and debuffs against enemies.


Maiden's Kiss Information

  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Effect: Removes toad-related curses
  • Purchase Value: ???Gil
  • Sell Value: ???Gil




How to acquire Maiden's Kiss

  • Can be purchased from:
    • NPC
  • Dropped by:
    • Enemy
  • Maiden's Kiss can be found inside boxes that can be destroyed.



Maiden's Kiss Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??



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