Smelling Salts

Effect: Wakes someone up.
Item Type: Consumable
Purchase Value: ???Gil
Sell Value: ???Gil

Smelling Salts is a Consumable Item in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Smelling Salts wakes someone up. Consumables are items that can be used in and out of battle, using a consumable item grants various effects such as restorative properties, elemental attacks, and temporary buffs to the characters, and debuffs against enemies.


Smelling Salts Information

  • Item Type: Consumable
  • Effect: Wakes someone up.
  • Purchase Value: ???Gil
  • Sell Value: ???Gil




How to acquire Smelling Salts

  • Can be purchased from:
    • NPC
  • Dropped by:
  • Stolen from:
  • Smelling Salts can be found inside boxes that can be destroyed.
  • During Chapter 8, part named To the Attic, Rescue Aerith in the  Sector 5 Slums : In the attic, you'll find a chest on the left side containing Smelling Salts. You won't miss it.
  • Chapter 15: The Day Midgar Stood Still: In the part of the quest named The Path to Greater Heights: After clearing the platform, head up the next ladder. Once you're at the top, go to the left side first and climb the short ladder. You'll find another chest at the top that has 1x Smelling Salts. Go back down and circle around to find a tall ladder that you need to climb up.



Smelling Salts Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??



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