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Red XIII is a non-playable character in Final Fantasy VII Remake, however will battle alongside you as a guest character that acts as AI, aiding the party in combat, and can also be used to solve some minor puzzles. In the remake, players can now switch to different characters depending on the battle situation. Players can also stick with the same character and issue orders to party allies.


You asked what "it" is. Hmmm...I am that which you see before you. Nothing more.


A red lion-wolf like beast, Nanaki, or better known as Red XIII, is a specimen that was held captive by the Shinra Corporation and was experimented on by Professor Hojo. He is a warrior who later on joins and fights alongside Cloud in order to fulfill his duties of defending the planet.

Early Life

Nanaki was born in Cosmo Canyon to his unnamed mother and father, Seto, who both are creatures of a wolf-lion sentient race (the name of this species is never revealed). During the time that Nanaki was young, his father Seto ran off the village, which he believed that his father fled due to the attack of the Gi Tribe, but in fact, Seto sacrificed himself by trying to stop the Gi Tribe from reaching the Cosmo Canyon, which he was able to. At some point, Nanaki's mother eventually died, and he was taken under the wing of an elder named Bugenhagen, whom he called "Grandfather".

During the events of Crisis Core, Nanaki's tribe partakes in a ritual for every 50 years to "gratify" the planet. At that point, Nanaki was to participate in alongside a companion named Deneh, unfortunately, the two weren't fond of each other, and Deneh accused Nanaki of being a coward and not having the capabilities of becoming a warrior nor defender of the planet. At the ritual, the Turks arrived and tried to attack the tribe and capture a specimen, Nanaki then bravely attacks and tries to fight off the Turks to prove himself worthy of being a warrior and to save Deneh and the tribe, even though he lost against the Turks and was captured, he was able to save Deneh, his tribe and complete the ritual - there, he was treated as a specimen, identified as Red XIII, and experimented on multiple times by Shinra's Science unit that was led by Professor Hojo.



In Final Fantasy VII Remake, Red XIII is an guest character who aids Cloud and his party after he is released from Shinra's grasp. He cannot be controlled by the player, and his stats, equipment and abilties do not appear in the menu. He joins in the final segment of the game, Chapter 17.

In combat, Red XIII moves swiftly and attacks enemies with jumping attacks using his fangs and claws. He also uses some of his signature abilities. His role in combat is minor and he doesn't deal any significant damage to opponents, although he can assist in staggering.

Outside of battle, he can be used to solve some minor puzzles where Cloud commands him to run over the wall in order to activate terminals and open paths for Cloud and his party to cross.



  • Stardust Ray


Limit Breaks

  • Red XIII doesn't use any Limit Breaks in the first episode of the Remake.


Notes & Tips

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