Inside the Ventilation Fan

Quest Type Discovery Quest
Location Sector 4 - Plate
Related Chapter Chapter 6: Light the Way
Reward/s Trophy: Clean up Crew.
Chocobo & Moogle Materia

Inside the Ventilation Fan is a Discovery Quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Quests are various tasks that players can be obtained throughout the game by some events or various NPCs. Discovery Quests are optional but provide rewards when completed.


Inside the Ventilation Fan Related NPCs & Characters

  • NPC 1



Inside the Ventilation Fan Objectives

  1. Find a way to obtain the materia from the ventilation fan.



Inside the Ventilation Fan Walkthrough

  • When you're at Section H, during the main scenario, the team will be crossing over the large pipe towards the large ventilation fan.
  • You'll automatically trigger this discovery event while you pass the fans. Tifa will point out that there's something by the fan.
  • The area to reach this is at the cargo platform in Section F.
  • First, turn off all three sun lamps.
  • You'll eventually return to platform H-01 to reach the objective of the main scenario.
  • Instead of riding the elevator that goes up to Biggs location, you'll find another lift on the same platform that's facing Section F. You'll see that on the other side, there's a ladder on the wall.
  • Ride the lift to the other side, then climb up the ladder.
  • You'll find a bench and a vending machine at the top. You can purchase a music disc: 18. Electric de Chocobo from the machine.
  • Operate the panel inside the room to temporarily deactivate the fans and head through the door.
  • You'll have to defeat the enemies under 60 seconds. The first encounter will be Queen GrashstrikeSentry Ray, and Grashstrike. If you fail to beat the enemies for the first time, go back into the room, reactivate the terminal and this time, 3x Grashstrike enemies will spawn.
  • Once you've cleared the enemies under 60 seconds, run towards the panel in the room to override the system. This opens the door next to it and you'll be able to reach the ventilation fan where the materia is.
  • Grab the Chocobo & Moogle Materia which clears this discovery event. Apart from that, you'll also acquire the Trophy: Clean up Crew.



Notes & Tips

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