Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees

Quest Type VR Mission
Rank 4
Rounds 5/5
Team Members 1
Cost 400 Gil
Conditions Items cannot be used.
Reward/s Geometric Bracelet

Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees is a VR Mission quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees rewards the player with the Geometric Bracelet. Completing VR Mission quests rewards players with various items such as Materia, Armor, Accessories, and many more.


Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees Information

  • A series of solo battles for Aerith Gainsborough. Take on standard training exercises for SOLDIER operators.
  • Rank:  4
  • Rounds: 5/5
  • Team Members: 1
  • Cost: 400 Gil


Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees Enemies


Aerith vs. SOLDIER Trainees Objectives

  • To complete this Battle Intel quest, you must complete the following conditions:
    • Items cannot be used.


Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      I can access in chapter 16, but Aerith hasn't been rescued yet, so she isn't available. After I've rescued her, Chadley doesn't have it as an option.

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