Combat Simulation: Leviathan

Quest Type VR Mission
Conditions Defeat Leviathan
Reward/s Leviathan Materia

Combat Simulation: Leviathan is a Battle Intel quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Combat Simulation: Leviathan unlocks the Leviathan Materia. Completing Battle Intel quests unlock new Materia which can be purchased from Chadley.


Combat Simulation: Leviathan Description


Combat Simulation: Leviathan Objectives

  • To complete this Battle Intel quest, you must complete the following conditions:


Notes & Tips

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    • Anonymous

      Who ever writes these wikis should find a different hobby. "The Leviathan doesn't have any weaknesses. What you can do is equip whatever powerfull materia you have"

      Has this guy not used asses? Its weak to Lightning and strong against Fire and Ice. Its virtually impossible to beat this if your using those materia or using Ifrit or Shiva.

      Use Fat chocobo instead and Lighting materia connected to an Elemental materia. Also use Cure on a Magnify, or Raise on a Magnify to survive its ultimate attack.

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