Combat Simulation: Bahamut

Quest Type Battle Intel
Conditions Defeat Bahamut
Reward/s Bahamut Materia

Combat Simulation: Bahamut is a Battle Intel quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Combat Simulation: Bahamut unlocks the Bahamut Materia. Completing Battle Intel quests unlock new Materia which can be purchased from Chadley.


Combat Simulation: Bahamut Description

  • Data compiled from all existing tests has resulted in the successful reproduction of Bahamut, king of dragons. Combat behavior has yet to be tested. Engage in simulated battle to gauge performance.
  • Unlocked after completing all Battle Intel.
  • Speak to Chadley and choose VR Missions.
  • Chadley can be found in Sector 7 SlumsSector 5 SlumsWall Market, and at the cafeteria in Sector 0 - Shinra Electric Power Company.
  • For this battle, you'll want to equip your maxed out Materia and strongest Weapon and Armor. The goal is to beat the king of dragons before it uses its ultimate attack, Megaflare. Allowing it to use this ultimate will instantly kill the enemy, or if you're lucky, inflicts a tremendous amount of damage to the entire team.


Combat Simulation: Bahamut Objectives

  • To complete this Battle Intel quest, you must complete the following conditions:


Notes & Tips

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