Staves are a type of  Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 Remake and information about their stats is shown below. Staves are two-handed weapons that are capable of storing magical properties to inflict long-ranged attacks and can only be used by Aerith Gainsborough.

Each Weapon has a unique Ability that can be used while equipped. Characters can inherit these abilities and use them with other weapons if they reach maximum proficiency with that particular Weapon. Each Weapon requires different actions to increase their proficiency experience.

Every Weapon in the game can be upgraded to unlock Weapon Skills which provides various bonus effects. Some boosts attack power or magic power, while others add materia slots. These upgrades can be unlocked by using Skill Points (SP). The maximum amount of SPis increased by leveling up your characters. You can talk to Chadley to reset Weapon Upgrades by spending Gil.



All Staves in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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