Type Beneficial Status Effects
Effect Reflects magic spells

Reflect is a Beneficial Status Effects in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Reflect Reflects magic spells. Beneficial Status Effects are buffs that can be acquired through Spells and Items to apply beneficial status effects to party members.


Reflect Information

  • Effect: Reflects magic spells.



Spells and Items that grant Reflect

  • Spells:
    • Spell 1
  • Item:
    • Item 1


Reflect Notes & Tips

  • ??
  • ??



Beneficial Status Effectss
Auto-Life  ♦  Barrier  ♦  Haste  ♦  Manaward  ♦  Regen  ♦  Resist  ♦  Shield


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    • Anonymous

      This single spell just took this game from 10/10 to a 0. What a load of*****. Can't cast heal on enemies and can't cast offensive spells on yourself wtf every final fantasy has this ability wtf.

      • Anonymous

        This is actually kind of a detrimental status effect if an enemy casts it on you. For example, at the end of Chapter 11, Eligor casts it on you, and the party is unable to use Cure spells. Prayer, however, will still work.

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