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Weiss is a Boss in Final Fantasy VII Remake. Known as Weiss the Immaculate, he was a feared supervillain with unparalleled combat prowess who ruled over Deepground. He can only be unlocked in the Combat Simulator by completing both the main story of Final Fantasy INTERgrade, and the entire Episode INTERmission DLC. Bosses are special Enemies that are uniquely named and must be defeated in order to unlock new areas, to progress the game, and to obtain various rewards.


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Weiss Strategies

Video Strategies

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Strategy Writeup

An exclusive super boss unlocked in the Combat Simulator upon completing the main story and the Episode INTERmission DLC, Weiss is arguably the most difficult boss to defeat. As the leader of Tsviet and commander to Deepground, Weiss is a highly resilient boss who takes little damage when he is not staggered, while many of his attacks are fast, unblockable, and deal enormous damage. Weiss carries three sets of weapons in his arsenal - his dual Katanas, two-handed gun, and dual Sabers. 

One very important thing to watch for when battling Weiss is an attack called "Immaculate End". This move can be interpreted as his ultimate attack, where he will deal a devastating 9999 unavoidable damage to all party members. Weiss can repeat this move during any phase by switching back to his Katanas.  Therefore, it is crucial to optimize damage on Weiss by staggering him as much as possible, because if the battle drags on, Weiss will perform this move over and over again, leading to the eventual wipe out of the entire party. Save strong Spells such as Blizzaga for when he is pressured, and burst damage spells such as Thundaga for when he is staggered to ensure they land. 

In first stage, Weiss will be equipped with his dual Katanas. During this stage, physical attacks work best against him. Weiss will use an array of fast, charging attacks followed by a slash or pierce, such as Evisceration and Stab. Since Weiss will focus only on the character the player is controlling, Tifa is an ideal choice to go against him as she has great mobility, allowing her to execute well-timed dodges. Since he takes minimal damage unless staggered, the best tactic is to bait Weiss into using his attacks, and time your dodges at the right moment to leave him under pressured state. Counter attacking with Focused Thrusts to stagger him will give you openings to deal meaningful damage with limit breaks and strong spells. Dodging at the right moment will make or break this fight as correct dodges will reward players with windows to counter attack, and being hit will leave players prone to followed-up attacks that deal heavy damage.

During the second phase, Weiss will switch from his Katanas to his two-handed gun. During this phase, magic attacks work best against him as physical attacks are ineffective during his gun mode. This makes Cloud and Aerith ideal damage dealers at this stage to counter Weiss. Although some of Weiss' gun attacks are ranged and cover a fairly large area, quite a few moves such as his Azure Assault can be mitigated with blocks. If the characters are equipped with the Steadfast Block Materia, it will allow them to fill up their ATB gauge. However, it is important to put extra effort into filling up Weiss's stagger meter with GA level magic during this phase, as he can perform a skill called Rejuvenation to reduce his stagger meter.  As the battle goes on, Wiess will perform Immaculate End in conjunction with Rejuvenation

Finally Weiss will equip himself with the dual Sabers in the third phase. Attacks during this phase are similar to the dual Katanas in that they consist of long dashes and even teleports, however upon successful hits Weiss will siphon health from his target and heal himself. Similar to the first phase, physical attacks are most effective at this stage. Dodging correctly is even more important as these moves are executed at a higher speed, and come with a health siphoning mechanic. Make sure to use Limit Breaks from ATB gauges filled up in the second phase, in order  to punish Weiss with every opening you earn. Doing this will allow you to stagger him, hopefully allowing the party to finish the fight with heavy damage burst attacks. 



Attacks & Counters

Attack Counter
Phase 1: Dual Katanas
Evisceration: Weiss reaches for his blades, pulls them out of the scabbard and quickly slashes them forwards while dashing at the target.  Dodge when you notice Weiss reach for his Katanas to put him in a pressured state. Counter attack once you have earned this opening. If unable to time it correctly, dodge backwards to evade to strike.
Crosswise Cleave: Weiss dashes at his target from afar, followed up by a cleaving slash to either side.   Time the dodge right before his strike hits you to gain yourself an opening by putting him in a pressured state. Follow up with counter attacks. 
Stab: After a momentary pause, Weiss dashes forwards while lunging with his Katana pointed forwards, piercing through anything in his path.  Dodge into Weiss himself to perform a jumping evade, which will put him in a pressured state, giving you an opportunity to strike him from behind.
Immaculate End: Weiss's ultimate attack, which he can perform during any phase by switching back to his dual Katanas. This catastrophic attack will directly inflict 9999 damage to all entities in the arena, literally wiping out everything that dared stand against Weiss.  No direct counter. However, to survive this, make sure you have revival skills and accessories such as Reprieve, Revival Earrings and Superstar Belt equipped. Maintain pressure and optimize damage to end the fight quickly, as Weiss will inevitable recast skill until the party is defeated. 
Phase 2: Gun
Azure Assault: Weiss charges steadily at his target, then attacks with a downward slam followed by an uppercut swing.   Block to prevent the damage. If equipped with Steadfast Block Materia, the damage and fill up your ATB meter.

Behemoth Beam: Weiss emits strong laser beams with his gun, zig-zagging across an area in front of him. 

This is a blockable skill that covers a fairly large area in front of Weiss, however it has limited range, so players can run out of range, or mitigate it with a block. 

Rejuvination; Weiss casts a spell to reduce his stagger gauge. As the fight continues, Weiss will use this spell in conjunction with Immaculate End. 

Maintain Wiess' stagger meter up to a certain level by refilling it with -ga level magic. You can also wait till he uses this skill to empty the meter first before refilling it again while this skill is on cooldown. 
Mutilation: Weiss activates spectral horns to extend out of his gun, then charges forward at his target dealing unblockable damage. The target will be binded by Weiss and is gun for a duration.   While one character is binded by the attack, Weiss stands still to suspend the character in the air. Use another character to attack Weiss during this short window of time. 
Dehabilitation: Weiss fires multiple shots that create puddles on the ground. Being hit by the shots or coming into contact with the puddle will inflict foes with Silence and Slow  Kite away and maintain distance during this attack, as the puddles will silence characters hit, preventing them from dealing damage to Weiss during the Gun phase. 
Balistic Blackhole: Weiss conjures a massive blackhole that follows all party members, dealing a staggering DoT damage of 200/0.5 seconds to units in close proximity.  This skill is more of a nuisance than it is of any urgent burst damage, hence players can merely kite around to fight Weiss while keeping distance from it. Using another character to split up the Blackhole from pressuring the one fighting Weiss is also a viable strategy. 
Phase 3: Dual Sabres
Decimation: Weiss teleports to his target while slashing his sword and slamming it down. Successful hits will siphon health from the target and heal Weiss.  As Weiss teleports to his target he will leave behind a trail of red lightning. Since he usually teleports in a zig-zag shaped path instead of a straight line, players may have enough time to spot the red lighting trail and dodge the hit. 
Extermination: Weiss performs a dash that quickly covers long distances and slashes the target, which chains into another slash if the first one lands.  Successful hits will siphon health from the target and heal Weiss. Weiss will briefly charge his blades with red energy before dashing, again leaving behind a trail of red lightning. Stay alert to spot the the crimson energy as he charges the blade and prepare to evade. 
Crimson Whirl: After executing a series of melee spinning attacks, Weiss jumps into the air and smashes down onto the floor, releasing a wave of whirling red energy that expands over the entire arena.   Jump up in the air to evade the expanding flames that cover a large area around him after his smash. The after cast to this skill is long enough for players to use Tifa to perform a series of physical attacks on him while he is vulnerable. 



Weiss Lore

A depraved and ruthless Deepground SOLDIER recreated in a virtual space. Known as Weiss the Immaculate, he reigns supreme over Deepground.


Weiss Notes & Trivia

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