Weapon Abilities

Quest Type Battle Intel
Conditions Acquire all 16 Weapon Abilities
Reward/s Skill Master Materia

Weapon Abilities is a Battle Intel quest in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. Weapon Abilities unlocks the Skill Master Materia. Completing Battle Intel quests unlock new Materia which can be purchased from Chadley.


Weapon Abilities Description

  • It is said that special abilities may only be attained through rigorous training, but investigating is tried-and-true method could yield new combat support materia.


Weapon Abilities Objectives

  • To complete this Battle Intel quest, you must complete the following conditions:
    • Acquire all 16 Weapon Abilities


Notes & Tips

  • There are more than 16 Weapon Abilities, so not every ability needs to be mastered to complete this Battle Intel.
  • The easiest Weapon Ability to miss mastering at the first opportunity is the Bladed Staff due to the short time Aerith is in the party with it equipped.




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